After reading my previous article on how to be successful in PR, you can pretty much get the basics for what public relations exactly is. However, do you know why your business needs it? It is critical that your business has some type of PR strategy in order to form a connection between the public and their brand.

Check out our top 2 reasons why PR is important for your business.

1. PR + Marketing = Success

Believe it or not, PR and marketing go hand in hand. Both PR and marketing agencies work alongside businesses to help them form a positive reputation and satisfy customer needs. If they play their cards right, sales will inevitably increase. As marketing, PR can be seen through social media, press releases, and advertisements. This is how the right customers can easily find your business and learn more details. Make your presence known so your business can engage with more potential customers!

2. Building a Brand

It’s easy to build a brand’s reputation and awareness, right? Eh, not quite. In fact, one mistake can tear it all down in seconds. As seen plenty of times with businesses (Johnson & Johnson), crisis’ are unpreventable. PR agencies are trained to create solutions to protect the reputation of the brand. When Johnson & Johnson faced their crisis of poisoned Tylenol, they immediately removed the substances from all stores until proven safe again. After letting consumers buy Tylenol again, they included a 1-800 hotline for people to call just in case. In conclusion, they were perceived as the victim once they made it known that customer safety is a top priority. Not to mention, consumers are still supporting the company. It is safe to say that whoever they hired to do their PR knew exactly what they were doing.


Although public relations is often overlooked, like marketing, it is the backbone to any business. In other words, PR is typically taken place behind the scenes. Whether it be with a celebrity, brand, restaurant, etc., PR is needed for any business to be successful.

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