Internet marketing will always be known to cover the global market. Wherever you are, the internet makes it possible for every person, from any part of the world, to correspond, communicate, and advertise any kind of goods or services for all classes of consumers. But, internet marketing is not just about effectively carrying out business on a global scale. In fact, the majority of companies, even located in Stroudsburg, are adopting search engine optimization without considering boundaries or limitations based on geography and location. Which means local business SEO is the most reliable marketing tool to increase sales from their area.

A study by both and have revealed that 60% of local searches lead to a purchase. In fact, nearly 80% of consumers searching locally, follow up via a phone call, in-store visit or purchase. Basically, all customers these days are checking the details about products, particularly in their local area before purchasing. Which, not to mention, shouldn’t be a surprise because we are all guilty of it. In terms of marketing, this means that local SEO has become an integral part of any good marketing strategy for a business. Local results can ultimately bring in new business and customers that would never have heard about your company in the first place. Below are a couple reasons why local SEO is important.

Why is local SEO important in 2019?
  1. Get brand recognition
  2. Improves website visibility on local listings
  3. Beat competitors
  4. Gain website traffic and leads

Get brand recognition

Brand recognition is the degree to which your customers can recognize your products or services. Local business SEO will help in improving the visibility of your brand before the potential customers in your local area. Frequent exposure of your brand to your customers leads to enhanced brand recognition. Which, not to mention, may eventually lead the customer to a purchase.

Improves website visibility on local listings

Local business SEO will attract potential customers to your website. This is done by ranking your business higher in Stroudsburg’s local search results, or any location rather. A customer finds it comfortable to deal with businesses in his/her local area. By purchasing products from a store or supplier located by the customer, he/she eliminates unnecessary transportation and middlemen costs. So, when you are found in his/her local search results, chances are more that your business gets a new customer.

Beat Competitors

Regardless of intense worldwide competition, your business can achieve exposure and notability with the help of local business SEO. Which, due to the optimization of your location for your website you to gain the upper hand over your local and global competitors.

Website traffic and leads

Just as it is stated above, that about 60% of the clicks in Google searches are taken by the results in the top three ranking websites. So, by investing in a Local SEO campaign, business, or services will be promoted higher in the local search results. This will influence potential clients or customers to click on the website. With an increase in traffic coming to the website, the number of prospective customers also increases, which may lead to increased sales.

So, that’s that, local SEO takes less time and effort to dominate, but can be the most vital resource in discovery with your potential customers. It is often the most overlooked optimization for your online presence but in the end making sure your optimization is up to par for local seo through Google, Yahoo and MSN will help with that. So there should be no question about the wonder local business SEO can do your business.

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