Energetic. Dynamic. Dedicated. These are just a few imageries that often come to mind when individuals characterize East Stroudsburg University’s (ESU) President, Dr. Marcia Welsh Ph.D.

Who Runs the ESU World?

In a recent interview with the University’s first female President, Dr. Welsh reflects on the deep-rooted drive that has brought her to the successful woman she is today.

Born and raised in the state of Nebraska, Welsh fondly recalls the carefree, fun, childhood that she and her siblings experienced. After moving to Colorado in her senior year of high school, Welsh has since lived in various locations, discovering the beauties amidst each state.
Each day begins with a 5:45am wake-up call for the motivated President. She kicks off her mornings with a trip to the gym, catches up on the latest news among the students via Twitter, and then moves onto her many different tasks.

Despite her busy schedule, Welsh let us in on what her downtime occasionally looks like. While Game of Thrones is a current series favorite, Welsh also takes interest in NCIS and their spin-offs, along with Madame Secretary, when she has a moment to herself. As an avid Harry Potter fan, she praised J.K. Rowling about her ability to create novels that are bursting with intriguing story plots. When asked if she has visited Harry Potter world, she laughs and says, “not yet, but it has always been a dream of mine.”


Dr. Welsh’s first connection to ESU began long before she took the University under her wing. When a search firm contacted her during her position as Interim President at Towson University, Welsh started to research the Pennsylvania campus.

After learning about ESU’s core foundation and what it stands for, she made the decision to apply. Six months of a vigorous application process, including many different types of interviews along the way, Welsh was offered the position. She was delighted to become the first female President at East Stroudsburg University, and immediately flourished in her new role.

One of the factors that motivates Welsh to hustle each day are the students. Welsh believes in the type of individual that ESU attracts, and her goal is to continue to develop ESU into the best place for students to become educated.

She uses Twitter to discover the happenings on campus and effectively interact with the community and students. Maintaining her role within the community is essential to Dr. Welsh, and she proudly, and fashionably, represents East Stroudsburg University as a powerful force within East Stroudsburg itself.

With her vast experience both personally and professionally, Dr. Welsh gives advice to young individuals regarding their future. “Make a plan,” she states emphatically. “Think about what you want to do five years from now, ten years from now.”

ESU Mission

She believes wholeheartedly in ESU’s mission to equip students to succeed both in and outside of the classroom. Welsh enthusiastically leads her team as they continue to increase ESU’s diversity, skill development, and creative endeavors. She encourages them to be very strategic about what they desire to do and make goals that will aid in obtaining them.

It is evident in every aspect of Dr. Marcia Welsh’s life that she has put action to her words, exceeded in leadership, and continues to inspire others to reach new heights.

The Best of the Burg

Tepsi couldn’t have selected a more prestigious and inspirational candidate to highlight as being the best. And it doesn’t end here, Dr. Welsh has big plans in store for ESU and is eager to be even more involved within the community. We are always looking for the best businesses and individuals who are making an impact in the Poconos to highlight in our magazine.

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