We don’t know where your lab results are, we don’t sell collector baseball cards and we don’t know how to cook the Downtown Burger (sorry). But what we DO know is how to print brochures, business cards, stickers, decals, invites, flyers and more AND how to create kick ass design pieces to make your brand shine. Welcome to Tepsi Print!

Join Chief Marketing Officer, Carolyn Walker, and Graphic Designer, Devin Kagel, as they show you around the Tepsi Print design and print studio located in Downtown East Stroudsburg on Crystal Street. Whether you’re looking for business cards, brochures, menus, letterhead, stickers or posters, Tepsi can print it in-house on our Ricoh Production Printer.


Whether you are looking to print a business card, brochure, menu, label, or poster your choice of paper can make a huge difference. From a matte finish to a glossy finish, from thick to textured, the details matter!

  • Matte Finish: Not shiny. It has a dull coating that gives a non-shiny, smooth finish that is superior for color contrast and text clarity.
  • Glossy Finish: Shiny! A coated paper that gives a shiny, ultra-smooth finish that is typically used for advertising, flyers, photos, brochures, sale sheets and more.

For business cards specifically, the paper can actually make a HUGE difference. Think about it, if someone hands you a flimsy business card, are you going to be impressed? Chances are, “what the heck is this?” is going through your head and you’ll most likely be throwing it out later.

Your business card acts as a first impression that someone has on your business. Does it look and feel professional? The more time and thought you put into the design and print, the more impact you’re going to have the next time you hand out your information.


We are proud to be the only printer in the Poconos with 5th color capabilities on our production printer. This means that we can print in clear ink, white ink, infrared (visible under a black light), neon pink and neon yellow. What does this mean for you? More creative possibilities that allow YOUR brand to stand out and make a lasting impression.

As with other production printers, and even your in-house printer, our Ricoh production printer uses CMYK combinations to create a wide variety of colors. However, it may surprise you that our ink cartridges are actually 2 feet long to hold the amount of ink powder we need to effectively run a production printer.

White Ink

What can Tepsi print?

You name it, Tepsi can print AND design it for you. But, for the sake of providing you a list to reference, check out some options below!

Tepsi Print

We hope you enjoyed this mini tour of our print and design studio. Make sure to like this video, hit that subscribe button and comment below on the printing techniques that you want to see next! Until then, stay creative!