Located in East Stroudsburg on Crystal Street, Trackside Grill & Bar is the best family-friendly restaurant in the Pocono Mountains.

Have a big family with a lot of precious little ones that are angels in the house but apparently annoy other families when you’re out? I mean, sometimes it’s a challenge to find a restaurant to enjoy a night out with the fam when your kid cannot contain their excitement with how amazing the food is. Yes, my kid is screaming for the best burger in the Poconos, may I help you?

If you can relate, because let’s be honest, we all can, Trackside is your secret weapon. Not only is Trackside Grill & Bar known for the best wings, burgers and cocktails, but Trackside has been voted the number one family-friendly restaurant in the Poconos.

Here are our top 3 reasons why Trackside is the best restaurant in the Poconos for a night out with the fam!

1. Trackside is Loud

You can’t bring attention to your table if the family next to you can’t hear your precious angel screaming for their food you ordered 2 seconds ago. With Trackside, you’re in luck. Why? Because they are known for having a loud and energetic environment that is perfect for masking any loud behaviors. Rest assured that no one will be giving your kid the look when you’re dining at Trackside. In fact, they’ll fit right in! So, skip the babysitter and bring the family because Trackside is a no judgement zone!

2. They Can Fit Anyone at a Table

Have a big Italian-style family and need room for Grandma May, Aunt Jo and little Louie? No problem. I’m not really sure how they do it, but Trackside can accommodate any number of family members you’re packing. In fact, Trackside is known for accommodating families of 20 or more on the spot! Seriously, you won’t find a hands-on staff that customizes a table within minutes anywhere else other than 50 Crystal Street in EastBurg! But beware, they don’t take reservations so you just have to plan ahead.

Now that I think of it, you might as well invite Uncle David too!

3. Kids Eat FREE every Tuesday

Benefit of having a big family? For every adult meal purchased, your kids meal is FREE! Unfortunately this is not available every day, but every Tuesday starting at 5pm! Which, not to mention is the perfect time to get the kids nice and full so they are tired and ready for bed by 9pm. From burgers, grilled cheese, chicken fingers and mac & cheese, even the pickiest of little ones will be excited to chow down. And let us not forget about the ice cream… because we alllll know all kids scream for ice cream!

Trackside Grill and Bar

I can tell you are already getting so excited for your next night out with the entire family. I mean, who wouldn’t be?! Trackside is our perfect little gem in the heart of the Poconos that literally draws families together on the daily. I don’t know what you’re doing tonight, but I am heading to Trackside!