In today’s day and age, if your business is not on social media, you are missing out on connecting with your target audience. Facebook alone has 2.5 billion active monthly users. How would reaching even a portion of those users impact your business?

Side note: If you don’t currently have a Facebook business page to grow your company and that statistic doesn’t excite you to create one right now, you should probably just stop reading this article.

If you have a Facebook business page for your company, or just added it to your to-do list, the next step is understanding how to use the platform to reach your target audience. Because let’s be honest, creating a page is only half the battle. Once you understand how to increase engagement and really connect with your target audience, Facebook marketing can result into high profit potential.

Here are Tepsi’s top 5 tips on how to master Facebook marketing so you not only grow your digital presence, but generate a profit.


1. Make sure your Facebook business page is accurate and set up to welcome engagement

This may seem like a no brainer, but too often we see Facebook business pages that are missing valuable information. If you think of your Facebook page as an addition to your website, you will begin to understand the type of information viewers are looking for. The two primary areas to look at when ensuring your information is correct are the About and Settings areas. For instance, your Facebook business page should have your phone number, address, services, offerings and differentiators. This information can act as keywords, similar to Google with Search Engine Optimization.

About: The about tab is where you will fill out the detailed information about your business. This includes information on what you are about, where customers can locate you, how they can get a hold of you, your hours of operation and more. This is also where you can create and select your @ username so that others can tag your business page.

Settings: The settings tab is full of customizable options that will allow you to complete your business page. For instance, you can manage page roles (site admins, editors, advertisers, etc.), connect your Instagram business account, manage notifications, set up a chat-bot and more.

Side note: you should also make sure your page is set up accurately in terms of the type of page that was selected at the time it was made. Facebook actually gives you six types of pages to choose from such as Local Business or Place; Company, Organization or Institution; Artist, Band or Public Figure; Entertainment; and Cause or Community. To change the type of page you have, click on “Settings” in the top right corner of your page.

Along with making sure your information is accurate, you also want to make sure that your page welcomes interactions and engagement with your followers and potential customers. This  will lead into our next tip, but for starters we highly recommend adding a call to action button to the front of your page. Facebook actually allows you to choose a pre-determined action button such as Shop Now, Book Now, Learn More, Download App and more. Why is this important? Because strong call to actions engage followers. Not to mention, that particular button is one of the first elements they see on your page and instantly connects them to either your website or communication hub.


2. Use Facebook automated responses and bots for leverage on customer service

Let’s be real. If information is not right in front of some people, they instantly turn to messaging the page in hopes of a quicker answer. Everyone wants everything now and if you don’t answer them right away, they will simply turn to another business. How do you combat this without being on call 24/7? Facebook automation.

Automated responses to simple messages from followers are key to keeping you from answering the same question(s) on a daily basis. They also help in keeping your message response time relative and give your team the time they need to organize and write a correct response.

Side note: automated responses are great for commonly asked questions such as “what are your hours?”, “where are you located?” and “can I see a menu?”.

You can even go as far as implementing a Facebook messenger bot to get ahead of user intention and guide your customer toward conversations you want to have. This also allows you to truly understand your customer so your team is ready to take the conversation to the next level.

But don’t worry, the customer does not have the ability to ask anything the bot may not have the answer to initially. Instead, the customer is guided to pre-written responses and links, landing pages (website home pages), or conversing lead forms. This way, you can direct the customer to the various stages of purchasing a good or service, or just simply to the information they are looking for without virtually interacting with them.


3. Post consistently to build up credibility and establish your brand 

We will start off by saying that 99% of the time, you will not get many leads from simply posting on your page. No matter how awesome your content is, and no matter how often you get in front of your followers, Facebook organic reach continues to decrease over the years. But this shouldn’t turn you away from posting on your page on a consistent basis. Why? Because you’re not posting on your page to get new followers, you’re posting on your page to show your current followers what you are up to and to build your brand story.

The more not salesy your everyday posts are, the more of a chance you have of showing up on the news feed of your followers. This is because of the recent Facebook news feed changes to the algorithm to limit posts that are straight advertisements, unless paid to. However, if you focus on using your daily posts as a means of showing off how your services and offerings benefit your followers rather than going for the sale in every post, you can beat the algorithm. 

How do you beat the algorithm changes? For starters, regulate the amount of times you post in a given day and at what times. Don’t go crazy and post more than 3x a day, every single day, but also don’t be inconsistent and post 1x once in awhile. We recommend posting at least 1x every day so your business page stays relevant without being spammy. 

In addition to creating a daily post, it is also important to not post the same information every day. If you post the same service, in the same way, with the same end goal, your page begins to get repetitive and you’ll lose interest from your followers. Make every post count, and surprise your followers with content they don’t see from others in your industry. 

Side note: “what the heck am I supposed to post every single day?!” Don’t panic. Your followers are following your page for a reason, right? Put yourself in their shoes, what would you want to see? Get creative!


4. Facebook Ads are worth the investment

Yes, marketing involves money. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Because, if you want to make money, you have to spend money. In our third tip, we talked about how daily posting is geared towards keeping your current followers engaged. Well, Facebook Ads is where you grow your following and connect with new leads.

Marketing, meet sales.

Facebook Ads are a great lead generator, especially since they now include reach on both Facebook and Instagram. But with any form of marketing, there is an effective and non-effective way of using ads on social media.

For starters, you need to know and understand the different forms of Facebook Ads. Facebook does a great job in giving you a step by step guide on what your goals are for campaigns and who you want to reach. For instance, are you trying to gain followers, boost engagement, get more website clicks or generate a lead list?

Once you pick the type of ad you want to run with, you’ll be asked to select a target audience. Selecting a specific audience for your ad is a great way to establish A-B testing to really understand who is more drawn to your content. Facebook allows you access to specific targeting campaigns that are based on user behaviors, interests, searches, demographics, age and even a specific location. If you have a niche business, this can be huge for your business. Why? Because you can reach exactly who you want to reach with a click of a button.

After a few ad campaigns, you will begin to better understand who your audience is and can pin-point your ads to those who will actually engage in your content. 


5. Don’t ignore what the insights are telling you

Even if you post creative content on the daily and target those who are your “ideal customer”, if you don’t look at your results, you’re not going to improve your reach. Insights allow you to track your successes and failures. They allow you to see what is working, and what you should probably stop doing.

In fact, insights are often an eye opener. Why? Because a lot of the time, what you think is amazing is most likely getting 0 engagement when those random posts you think will get no interaction are getting the most attention. Go figure, right? (We are all guilty of this).

Facebook gives you access to two forms of insights, Page Insights and Audience Insights.

Page Insights: Page Insights are where things such as likes, shares and comments are stored. You can also use these stats when determining what time of day your post produces the most activity, overall likes and views and how you are responding with messenger.

Audience Insights: Audience Insights is found within the Ad Manager and allow you to analyze the data of everyone on Facebook, people connected to your page and custom audiences. These stats allow you to go even deeper into your custom audience to figure out even more detailed demographic, interest-based and activity information which can be used in future campaigns.

Bottom Line

As with any form of marketing and advertising, Facebook marketing is a lot of trial and error. And to be honest, what works for one business may not work for everyone. As small businesses, we need to see what works for us and roll with it. Because who knows, you could start the next trend in Facebook marketing.

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