Today we are giving you the low down on the Top 5 WordPress Plugins to develop an innovative website and implement your SEO strategies.

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No matter what your background is, WordPress is a great tool for anyone to use to develop a website. It’s user friendly, super fast and can be fully customizable with the right plugins. Not to mention, it’s the #1 platform for developing websites and coordinating your SEO strategies. With the right plugins, you can skyrocket your website ranking on Google.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins for SEO


The number one plugin that you should start with to kick start your SEO is Yoast. Yoast is the all in one SEO tool for making sure your pages are SEO compliant. Doing it manually is fine but google is so meticulous about making sure every little thing is perfect that using this tool makes it the best in the SEO category.

Yoast gives suggestions on how much content should be on a page and what keywords are being used. You can even edit page titles and meta descriptions and markup your social media content for when it’s shared, making it the perfect tool for structuring your website.

All in One Schema Rich Snippets

The second tool is All In One Schema Rich Snippets. If you want to improve your search visibility for marking up your content in between your titles on google then this tool is definitely the tool for you.

For those who don’t know, Schema markup is a form of microdata. It creates an enhanced description which appears in search results with your page title and descriptions. Having this is very important to serps as it shows more prominently in search engine results. Which, not to mention, makes a potential customer click through to your website.

W3 Total Cache

The 3rd plugin is W3 Total Cache. One of many factors for judging whether your website is going to rank higher is speed. Most users in todays age use a mobile device to visit your website and search engines know this. So speed is a huge factor when ranking your website because most mobile users don’t have a wifi internet connection.

W3 Total Cache ensures that your site will load fast. It will improve site speed and make better use of your hosting so that it wont push content over and over to every visitor.


The fourth plugin is called Smush and does exactly what you think it might. It smushes your uploaded images into the smallest file size it possibly can without losing image quality. I mean what can beat that? This will make your website load much faster because the user doesn’t have to load large images.

A3 Lazy Load

And last but not least, we have A3 Lazy Load. Similar to the other plugins, a3 lazy load increases the speed to your website, which is critical. When you use images on your website it still takes time for the images to load, no matter what the file size is. Lazy load takes those images and loads the image only when you scroll to see it. This makes the page load faster because all of the images aren’t loading at once.

Find the Best for YOU

There are a ton of plugins on WordPress available to you. These are the top 5 SEO Plugins that we highlight recommend that are the best for skyrocketing your website rankings on Google.

If you’re shopping around for plugins, just remember to do your research because not all plugins are the best. Since we know WordPress and SEO in general can be daunting to figure out, download our FREE WordPress plugin cheat sheet here!