Public Relations is an all encompassing term that is hard to define because it is so many different aspects of a business wrapped into one. If you are an entrepreneur, a student studying public relations, or just beginning your career as a public relations professional, these tips can help guide you to a successful public relations department.

Define Your Competitive Edge

What makes you stand out from the competition? It is important to distinguish what your company does differently compared to those who are in the same field. Once you discover what that unique quality is, capitalize on it. Run promotions and campaigns surrounding your competitive edge. This will allow consumers to distinguish the difference between you and the competition. This requires creativity, a clear vision of your brand image and knowing what the consumer wants.

Become Involved in the Community

Your community is a major ally for your business, especially in the beginning stages of growth. You want to build a loyal customer base to help obtain a positive reputation within the community. By becoming an active and involved member within the community, it helps to build up trust and display your company’s ethics as well.

A company could become more involved by taking part in volunteer opportunities, being a donor to a local non- profit or sponsoring community events. Being involved in the community also means knowing the local news sources and journalists. By building a relationship with these resources, you are more likely to gain media exposure and network outside your community as well. It is important to put a face to the brand and allow the community to become familiar with your company. It is all about creating a harmonious relationship between you and the surrounding community.

Understand What is Newsworthy

Knowing your resources is only half the battle, you also need to be producing newsworthy content. Make yourself familiar with the seven elements of newsworthiness as a guide. The more you are in the media, the better and of course, positive media attention helps a company gain credibility and increases exposure. Most likely, your company already has something newsworthy to share.

Highlight company or employee accomplishments, new products, or milestones for your business. Having quality, newsworthy content for social platforms is also important too. It does not have to be as structured or professional as traditional print media, but it does need to have purpose. You can express more creativity and brand personality through social platforms but just make sure you’re not just posting to post.

Tune-up Your Writing Skills

In public relations you are constantly writing and creating content. Whether it’s a press release or social media post, you need to have clear, concise and newsworthy writing. Your writing needs to be appealing, flow and grab the reader’s attention. There is a lot of creativity that goes into coming up with captions and posts. Try to get your writing and creativity working in unicine for optimal PR writing skills. When it comes to press releases, eliminate the fluff and filler information. You want to give the reader the information in order of importance. The time to become creative and show brand personality is during campaigns and on your social media platforms.

Understand Employees are a Major Stakeholder

If you are running an operation where you employ multiple people, this is an important aspect of your business that should not go overlooked or under-appreciated. Employees are your most important stakeholders and their satisfaction within their position directly reflects how well they will perform. That is why employee satisfaction leads to customer satisfaction.

Allow your employees opportunities for growth and advancement. This gives them a goal to work towards. Allow them opportunities to take on new tasks and break up mundane work. A happy employee is more productive, motivated and team oriented. Provide your employees the resources to be successful within their position.

Written by: Kaitlyn Robinson, TEPSBEST Intern