Similar to other industries, Healthcare marketing is continuously changing. Here’s how to stay ahead of the competition with your marketing strategy to retain patients and acquire new leads.

There is no time like the present to examine the latest shifts in healthcare marketing to set up your organization for success in Quarter 2. Overall, your marketing should be shifted to focusing on consumers online. This means, focusing on their specific needs and meeting those needs through more than just an office visit. Why? Because in this day and age, consumers want information and answers instantly.

Here are 5 top trends that offer hospitals and healthcare marketers a chance to stay ahead of the curve.

1. A Boom in Video Marketing

Video is quickly becoming the medium consumers prefer to get content from. In fact, reports say that 45% of consumers watch more than one hour of video every day. That is HUGE! If your hospital or practice hasn’t heavily invested in video marketing, Q2 is the time to get er’ done, especially with social media marketing. Not convinced? 81% of consumers have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brands video. Which, not to mention, means healthcare organizations can convert more patient leads by investing in video marketing.

Video ideas to think of:

  • Doctor introductions
  • Patient stories and testimonials
  • Location promotion
  • Healthcare education
  • Health-focused tips and trends
  • Q&A sessions with a specialist
  • Tour of facility

More and more marketers are producing creative videos to reach consumers wherever they are, and in the touch of a button. Stay head and plan to do more of it!

2. Patient Experience

Healthcare industry websites have traditionally focused on conveying detailed information such as their address, hours, specialties and doctor bios. However, more and more providers are beginning to recognize that patients want tools accessible online. For instance, online scheduling, bill paying, e-visits, prescription renewal and even live chats. Patients are also looking for EMRs that visually display data in useful, easy to read, ways. With an advanced digital presence, you can use your overall patient experience as a differentiator in the healthcare market. Remember, consumers want information immediately.

3. Location-based SEO

SEO is short for Search Engine Marketing. Simply put, if done correctly, SEO gets your website on the first page of search engines like Google. And we all know, if you’re not on the first page of Google, consumers are not seeing your content. Location-based SEO is a great tool for every healthcare organization with a local branch to get your website noticed.

Creating location-specific content is a great way to get targeted users to come to your website. I mean, if you are in Stroudsburg, PA, you’re most likely not going to get a patient lead from someone in New York, NY. Focus on your surrounding community, they are your target market. Utilize terms that resonate with your specific location and get qualified traffic to your website. For instance, if you are an Eye Doctor in Stroudsburg, create unique content around topics such as: “best eye doctor in Stroudsburg” or “eye doctor in Stroudsburg”.

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4. Focus on “Those Millennials”

Millennials tend to be healthier, but as they get older and start to build families, they’ll need more healthcare services. With different views on the healthcare system, you are going to have to adapt to their needs. Focus on more of a holistic approach and on providing in-depth health information that millennials can pull up on the web. This is because millennials are more likely to research a practice online prior to scheduling an appointment. If they aren’t impressed with the ease of your website, they are going to schedule somewhere else.

5. Social Media Marketing

When done correctly, social media can increase a healthcare brand’s presence, online engagement and long term consumer retention. Social media marketing for the healthcare industry is rarely used because marketers are still struggling to implement strategies that are effective and in-line with their business objectives. The use of social media is heavily lifestyle based. However, don’t let this stop you or make you feel that your brand wouldn’t fit.

Done correctly, social media can be used for all industries and business sectors. You will still be able to gain followers with clever posts, highlight your content and share thought leadership to your target audience. The idea is to build the awareness of your practice, and social media could be the answer you were waiting for.

Next Steps

It is no question that the world of healthcare marketing is continuously changing. However, with the above tips you can stay ahead of the competition. The goal of marketing strategies should be to retain patients and acquire new leads. If you want your practice to grow, marketing is worth the investment.

For a limited time, TEPSBEST is offering a FREE content & SEO audit to healthcare companies interested in assessing their current digital presence in order to build a robust content marketing plan. Interested? Drop us a note at for details.