On this episode of Tepsi Talks, the creative team talks about the world of Social Media Advertising and reaching future and current customers through a more targeted approach on a variety of social media platforms.


Social media marketing allows your business and brand to be just that – SOCIAL! It is known as the leading forms of marketing because it gets your brand name out there to be recognized and trust by your target audience, 24/7. In fact, your efforts put towards social media marketing are actually working even when you are sleeping!

The most popular social media platforms for businesses and brands include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

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Organic growth on social media platforms is connecting with followers by posting content, using hashtags, commenting on posts and following like-minded accounts.

Paid growth on the other hand is when you utilize a detailed and targeted approach to reach a specific target market. Like the name suggests, you put a certain amount of ad spend (cost) per advertisement to reach a goal audience.

Utilizing trends and what is happening in the world is a great way to gain traffic through organic reach. However, when you are looking to really grow your following and reach new potential customers, targeting that audience through paid social media advertisements is the way to go.


When you want to put that extra investment into your company and grow your business account, the first place to look is social media advertisements. You can do this by going onto the backend of your Facebook business account and looking at the Ad Manager.

From photos, videos, slideshows and swipes, Facebook has a variety of ad styles to choose. And what makes it better, Facebook will actually even walk through creating the ad for you, down to making you think about the reason for the ad and where you want your audience to ultimately go.

PRO TIP: Since Facebook now owns Instagram, you can kill two birds with one stone and utilize the same ad spend on two platforms.

Social Media Marketing Platforms


When it comes to paid ads, it really comes down to making your money worth it. I mean, every penny counts, especially now-a-days, right? So, it is important to have a game plan and know who you are trying to reach with each advertisement you put out. And, to keep in mind, not every advertisement you put out there is going to have the same target audience.

Go into the backend of Facebook and Instagram to really look at your analytics and understand the insights of your follows and audience. The social media platform will do half the work for you, it all comes down to how you use this information to your advantage and scale your business.

PRO TIP: Your demographic and followers will tell you what type of content they are more interested in. Read between the lines of the insights and twist it to your advantage!

Application Design


Another aspect to think of when you are looking into investing into paid social media advertisements is your actual marketing campaign.

What is the campaign about?
Who are you trying to reach?
What is the goal of the campaign?
Where is your demographic?

Every new ad you put out into the digital world is not going to look identical as your last. It all comes down to A-B testing to see what works, and what doesn’t, with your specific brand. And, not to mention, the ultimate goal of who you are trying to reach.


A common misconception is that you have to put a crap ton of money into a social media advertisement to get it to work. When in reality, you can put $5-10 for a week and still see success for your company. It ultimately comes down to testing to see where your target market is, how they react to your brand and where you are trying to get them to click to. When you are starting off, we recommend starting off small and slowly growing the ad spend as you learn more about your audience.



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