Running a business is not easy. There are many things that go into ensuring that your business is smooth, and a big one is branding. Your brand is how you present yourself to the world which is why it is important to stay consistent. Consistency is what keeps people coming back and is key to your company becoming a household name.

Invest in Your Appearance

Your logo, website, presence on social media, merchandise and anything else that bears your company’s name all relates back to your brand. Establishing a logo and sticking with it is the first step to building a brand. Why? Because you want it to become recognizable. If you are constantly changing your brand, it could come off as indecisive and lack of a target market. We can’t appease everyone. And nor should you be trying to. Pick a brand that represents your target marketing and perfect customer and roll with it.

For example, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Nike? For many, a smile instantly comes on their face as they come up with the iconic swoosh, athletes, shoes, etc. Why do consumers fall head over heels for Nike or choose them over their competition? Because they know exactly who they are and what their brand represents. Be your own kind of Nike.

Pay Attention to Your Customers

Making customers the main focus is also a good way to gain exposure because we all know that people talk. Word of mouth and reviews are critical when it comes to building a brand and a successful business. You willget negative Nancy’s from time to time, but listen to what your customers are saying. Actually read the reviews and respond in a professional way whether they are good or bad. Why? Because the positive reviews are taking the time out of their day to brag about your company; and the negative reviews you can address or fix the problem and fix it so it won’t happen again.

When you focus in on the consumer and exceed their needs, they will take notice and recommend your company to their friends. Happy customers lead to more customers and that’s just from being passionate and dedicated—which is what your company is all about, right?

Watch the Trends

Another important strategy is staying up on trends and knowing what’s hot. Remember the unicorn-flavored craze? Colorful food and crazy drinks called “unicorn” were coming from all types of businesses. And what, because of two mixed drinks from Starbucks? Proactive business owners made their products unicorn-flavored for a limited time only and people went nuts to keep up with the latest fad. If you’re informed, you’re prepared. Trends change like day and night, staying informed and acting fast is how you build traction in getting your brand known.


Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty, is more than just a few good deals and steals. Be open to whomever may become your main demographic and cater to them. Get involved in your community and give back when you can. It allows people to know that your company is a resource and not just a structure built on their soil. When you’re loyal to your community they will be loyal to you and support you when you need it as well.

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