“Hi TEPSBEST, my name is Angela and I am a business owner of a floral arrangement company. I started to use social media to reach more customers. Is it okay If I am using stock photos on my Instagram account?”

We have been getting a lot of emails asking us different types of marketing focused questions from business owners. Since they might not be the only business owner thinking of this question, we will be answering them live throughout our podcasts!

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Stock Photos

Angela, if you are asking whether or not you can use stock photos on your Instagram account, you most likely already know the answer.

No, you should not be using stock photos on any of your social media platforms. In fact, as a floral arrangement business owner, you should stay far away from them.

Side note: The only reason why a stock photo should be used is if it’s a blog post/article or it is not being used to market your product/services for a sale.

False Advertisement

When you are using stock photos to promote your products or services, you are giving the consumer false advertisement on what you actually offer. Stock photos do not represent your brand or make you stand out from the Joe Shmoe down the street. I mean, how does a stock photo represent what you specifically offer? Hate to break it to you, but it can’t.

Not to mention, if your audience is expecting something when they come into your business and get the total opposite, you just lost them. For instance, if you are a restaurant, don’t post a stock photo of a burger that doesn’t even begin to resemble what you offer in house.

The idea is to build trust with your brand on social media, not give your viewers something you think will grab their attention. I mean, isn’t a long-term customer more important than a “like”?


By actually taking pictures, you are building your brand and creating a story behind your products and services. In fact, it adds a sense of personalization and allows your current and potential customers to make a connection with your brand. I mean, your story is what makes your business what it is…why hide it?

If you are currently using stock photos on your social platforms to promote your products or services, consider hiring a photographer. Have them capture what makes your business unique and don’t forget about your employees!

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