Tepsi’s Marketing Director, Carolyn Walker, sits down with PR Intern, Lauren Levy, to discuss her growth over the past semester.

Lauren has grown tremendously working as a PR intern at Tepsi over the past semester. She has the most published articles and press releases as an intern and her drive to make her work better than the last is incredible. As she graduates on Saturday, I am excited to see her make a statement in the PR industry.

Check out what Lauren thought about her experience!

Why did you choose Tepsi?

“I chose Tepsi because I believe this company is an up and coming very successful business not just in Stroudsburg, PA but anywhere. Overall, it’s been a huge honor to be a part of something that continues to grow and has huge potential. I am excited to remain as a part of the team during the summer and continue to watch Tepsi expand into new markets.”

What is your number one takeaway?

“My number one takeaway would defiantly be that I gained more confidence in my career pathway of Public Relations. I mean, you can only learn so much being in a classes. But, Tepsi got me a sneak peak actually in what the real world will be. In fact, I was able to strengthen my time management skills and writing for press releases over the course of the internship.”

Lauren defiantly developed over the course of the internship program at Tepsi. Check out her work throughout the Tepsi website.