Let’s be real, the internet solves everything. From simple quick fixes to severe pressing questions, consumers are constantly searching for answers. Maintaining contact with your current and potential customers is vital in any business. But when it comes to service, personal interaction, whether it be in person or digital, is a must.

When consumers are looking for answers online, authenticity and personality shine. Think about it. We like to work with people we know, trust and feel are the experts in their niche. Luckily for you, there are several tools your business can utilize to ensure you’re grabbing the attention of those web surfing problem solvers.

Let’s explore ways personal branding enhances connections to your clients.

Consumers prefer businesses they know

How are you making sure your current and potential customers know who you are? Do they know who your employees are? Is your priority selling your services and/or products online?

While it’s important for your clients to know what services your business offers, it’s equally important for them to get to know your company as a whole. I mean, why should they trust you over the shop down the street? Rather than focusing on selling just your products and/services, focus on selling your brand message and story. And how do you do this without breaking the bank? Social media.

Social media is a great way to show off your brands personality. You can do this by sharing authentic photos that showcase your company and its’ employees and engaging with your audience. By incorporating social media into your branding, you allow current and potential customers to know there is a person behind the company. Because let’s face it, the last thing consumers want is to feel like they are talking to a machine.

As your social media develops, your relationships will develop. And in turn, so does trust.

Consumers work with businesses they trust

We have all had that unfortunate experience of calling a random listing to help with an issue, only to be disappointed by the level of professionalism and quality of work received in return. Building a successful business is all about building that trust between your brand and the consumer.

In order to build trust, you have to establish yourself as the professional and expert in your field. This ties back into social media but also reflects back to your website and overall digital presence. Couple that with delivering the project within a timely and professional manner, and your customer retention will increase.

Even more so, maintaining a personal connection with your clients will encourage them to tell their friends and family about your company. And, we all know word of mouth is still the best form of marketing – it’s FREE!

By producing professional work, maintaining contact with your client base, and using those authentic photos, your level of expertise will be displayed all over the web.  Which is important because…

Consumers work with the experts

Your business is the best in the biz, right? While you are sharing company morals, missions and values on your digital platforms, share your expertise in your craft. This includes gifting freemiums, sharing your own blog posts and heck, start a podcast!

Freemiums: a little added value piece of content that you give your audience for free in the form of an ebook, podcast, blog post, coupon, recipes, etc.  

By effectively implementing everything above, your clients will know beyond any doubt that making the choice to work with your company is in fact the best decision they could make. I mean, we’ve said it before but we’ll say it again… consumers choose to work with companies they know, trust and who are the experts. 

Overall, your personal branding will display your work, morals, values and the fact that you take pride in your product. Add your touch of personality to bring it home and you are already standing out from the competition.