Final-Touch-Detailing-LogoEntrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, and 18 year old Haidyn Long, Owner and Founder of Final Touch Detailing, is on fire when it comes to the hustle of being a business owner.  

Over winter break from high school in his junior year, Haidyn’s Father encouraged him to get a seasonal job to earn an income.  After experiencing what it is like to work for someone, else and taking a look at his first paycheck, Haidyn quickly realized that he wanted to take matters into his own hands. He was determined to make his own business dreams come to life and earn a living by working for himself rather that someone else.  The fire was lit, and the chase for success was ignited. 


While scrolling through Facebook, Haidyn noticed a company seeking detailing services for its fleet of vehicles.  After mustering up the courage, he met with the Owner to ask him to give him a chance. To his pleasant surprise, Haidyn ultimately left the meeting with his first client. 

Final touch detailing did a great job on cleaning my truck! Not only did he do exactly what he said he would do. But the value was there. Excellent service! – Jeremy B.

Since then, the journey of Final Touch Detailing has continued to blossom. Currently, his list of clientele includes 5 commercial accounts as well as a multitude of individual clientele throughout Monroe County – and he’s just one year in of business.



When asked about his greatest source of motivation, Haidyn says “My dad has been my biggest inspiration.  He’s done a lot and I want to be just like him.  I also like earning my own money. This whole process has taught me the value of a dollar.  I see things differently now.”  

Thank you final touch! Detail was top quality, fast and efficient. I’ve never received so many compliments on my truck. Thank you! – Michael T.

With college on the horizon, Haidyn is determined to continue to grow his business.  “During college I am going to continue to service my clients on the weekends.  I see myself having my own detailing shop one day with employees and a larger roster of clients.  I plan on growing my service menu to include scratch repairs and more.”  


Currently, Final Touch Detailing offers services such as washing, waxing, interior deep cleaning and refreshing.  For more information about services offered or to schedule an appointment, visit Final Touch Detailing on Facebook, or call 570-994-4950.  


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