On April 26, 2019, the Stroudsburg High School will host their annual MINI-THON. MINI-THON is a 12-hour dance marathon to raise awareness for kids with cancer. Students will dance to feel some of the fatigue pediatric cancer patients feel on a daily basis.


MINI-THON is a version of THON, which was started at Penn State. The hopes is to help change the lives of children who are battling cancer. In fact, the Stroudsburg High School has raised over a third of a million dollars for the cause. This year, they don’t have a specific goal. However, their goal is to continue to help spread awareness.

Four Diamonds

The charity behind this incredible event is Four Diamonds. Simply put, Four Diamonds mission is to “conquer pediatric cancer by assisting children and their families through superior car, comprehensive support and innovative research”. In fact, they go above and beyond and cover 100% of all medical expenses not covered by insurance. Locally, they have assisted all of the pediatric cancer patients who have been treated at Penn State Children’s Hospital.

Christopher Millard

Four Diamonds started with a young boy named Christopher Millard who lost his battle to cancer. He wrote a story about a knight who went on a quest to find four diamonds of Courage, Honesty, Wisdom and Strength. To Christopher, these four diamonds were symbolic to his own fight against pediatric cancer. Today, Christopher’s story is an inspiration and hope for kids who are fighting their own battles.

Stroudsburg High

A new group of incredible individuals at Stroudsburg High School plan MINI-THON each year. In fact, for the past five years MINI-THON has empowered students to put their leadership skills into action. Together, they hustle, and dance, to conquer childhood cancer. Join them in their mission on April 26, 2019.

Special shout-out to this years team of students planning this inspiring event: Jasmine Dey, Maura Dempsey, Amanda Bruckstein, Victoria Robles, Taylor Garrett, Daneil Cili, Grace Gilbertson, Gabrielle Abbriano, Taylor Garrett, Keyanna Saffold, Jamie Bittiger, Meri Deglaer, Madi Stewart, Victoria Pstragowski, Kaeli Miller, Katie Rubino, Katie Pfaeffle, Melanie Santiago, Luke Beebe, Angie Augugliaro, Ethan Konklin, Brady Buzzard, Jack O’Brian, Pat Barry, Kendall White, Nathan Barrett, Molly Hornkohl and Jackie Augugliaro.