Meet Korin, our behind the scenes Tepsi jack-of-all-trades.  From phone calls to paychecks, checkbooks to blogs, you can find our assistant at the front of our office ready to greet each of our clients, guests and new team members with a warm “Welcome to Tepsi!”

The Start of it All 

Looking back, I can remember being asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, and never having an exact answer.  I liked singing and dancing, coloring and shopping (which I could definitely make a career out of).  I could make people laugh and interact with anyone at any given time.  I wanted to be a little bit of everything—a teacher, office worker, counselor, an entertainer, you name it.   

Not knowing how to combine all of these things into one career, I began to buckle down and make plans for my future, narrowing down the core of what I could see myself doing.  I remember admiring my mom for having a fancy office job– the organization, attitude and overall ability to serve others was always appealing to me.  I was a good typist and liked talking to people, and so I went in search of an Administrative position that would teach me all of the skills I would need to be successful in fulfilling my dreams. 


In Search of a Proper Fit

After High School, I began my search for a career that would place me in the corporate realm of work.  My first administrative position was at a courier service company where I learned how to move at a fast pace, provide clients with proper customer service and started my journey into business finance practices by composing invoices for the clientele.  But, something was missing.  

My next journey lead me to an Orthopedic Surgeon’s office, where I started as the file clerk, and moved up the ranks, later becoming a billing specialist, specializing in small claims suits.  I also became the office manager’s assistant, completing many office functions including surgical scheduling, multi-hospital on call scheduling, job posting and recruitment, and new hire training duties.  But still… something was missing. 

I went on in search of the perfect administrative position, seeking to incorporate all of my skills into one function, landing a position in the Accounts Payable and Receivable department of a car dealership.  Through working closely with the finance manager, I learned the ins and outs of loan approval, how to properly communicate with banks and other financial institutions, and how to assist in the process of gathering buyer’s information to ensure a smooth purchase.  Even still… something was missing.  

Since I wasn’t having any luck with finding a fulfilling administrative position, I decided to shift directions completely and instead use my creativity as the basis of a career choice, so I started working in a bakery.  With a love for creating delicious treats for my loved ones for family functions and special events, I figured the head baker position would bring a sense of satisfaction with my work.  Through the duration of my employment with the bakery, I established connections in the hospitality industry, developed relationships with restaurant vendors, and deepened my skillset in terms of administrative tasks, wherever needed.  Although I loved baking and creating with the team, something still wasn’t giving me that deep soul satisfying feeling when I completed my day and laid my head on my pillow at night.  


Tepsbest for the Win

I stumbled on a job listing for an Administrative role at Tepsbest in 2019.  The Company was searching for a candidate to host the front desk at the office, with potential to assist the Bookkeeper.  With a strong desire to get back into the corporate world, I applied, and with a stroke of luck, I landed an interview.  I researched the Company, and learned about how the Company was established, reviewed their Company values, what services they offered, and felt like this opportunity could be the opportunity I had been searching for.  

When I met Mike and Diane, and other members of the team, the energy and wholesomeness of the office left me feeling like this was where I was meant to be.  FINALLY!  I was determined to become a part of the Tepsbest team.  When I got a call for a second interview, I was dead-set on making this a reality for myself.  I later accepted the role of Administrative Assistant (YAY!), with the potential to grow within the company, (DOUBLE YAY!), and ultimately hold a management position (YAAAASSSS!).


TEPSBEST to TEPSI, Assistant to Management

Just as Tepsbest evolved into Tepsi, my position within the company also evolved.  Starting with basic office functions, such as directing phone calls, inventory and filing paperwork, and hustling my hardest to take on more responsibility.  

I advanced my administrative assistant skills, later becoming the assistant for both the Founders and CEOs of our Company, our CMO, and Restaurant Managers and Chefs alike to ensure smooth operation of all Tepsi enterprises.  I eventually became the Lead Bookkeeper, responsible for balancing the Company’s books, accounts payable and receivable functions, and composing and processing invoices for our clientele.   Additionally, I became the Human Resources Manager, recruiting new Team Members, hosting interviews, ensuring payroll entry, maintaining employee files and insurance, and keeping track of promotions, wage changes and paid time off.  I even get to incorporate my creativity by writing Blog posts for our Marketing and Media Clients.  

My love for the hospitality industry, desire to create (in the administrative sense), serve others, and need to hustle all combined into one has become a position I thrive in.  The constant need to adapt, grow, and find new ways to advance our Company’s internal corporate structure are tasks I embrace and enjoy.  I never imagined that I would one day create my own dream position, with a team that encourages me, believes in me, and trusts my judgement to continue to push the envelope with administrative creativity. 

Through welcoming each and every client, guest and team member to the Tepsi crew, I am reminded of the endless opportunity and growth we get to share with everyone, and to me, nothing is better than that. But, when I’m not at the office, you can find me Pinteresting my heart out, online shopping, having dance parties with my little girl, wedding planning, and hanging out at home with my kitties.