Every child loves to create art, but not every child carries out this desire. For Devin this passion for creating art developed into a dream she wished to pursue for the rest of her life. Born and raised in the Poconos, Devin started out as a fine artist. From the time she was little, it was almost impossible to see her not drawing or making some kind of new art project. This factored into her decision to pursue a career in graphic arts.


Ever since I was little I always wanted to be an artist. I first fell in love with fine art, whether it be drawing, painting, or simply just creating. I took multiple advanced placement art courses in highschool. Through the amazing teachings of George Boudman, I have been able to transform/conceptualize my art in ways that would otherwise not have been possible.

By my senior year of highschool, I decided to pursue a career in Graphic Design. Which would be a career that would ultimately combine my love of fine art and the ever evolving world of technology. I went on to attend East Stroudsburg University pursuing my Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design and minor in Communications.



As a freshman at East Stroudsburg University, I started working at ESU’s Graphics Center. A full service graphic design, color copying/printing facility. Here, I gained experience in Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, print design, layout, and  typography. I continued to work there for the next four years gaining experience and knowledge that one can not simply learn through classes. 

I was blessed again to work under Cindy Voinjnovic, a fine artist, educator, and graphic designer. Like Mr. Boudman, Cindy would go on to help enhance my skills in not only the art of graphic design, but enhance my skills in the workforce. I even gained experience in being the temporary supervisor of The Graphics Center in the Summer of 2019. 

While attending school and working, I also had done various freelance jobs, creating multiple designs for businesses and organizations. Within my time at ESU, I went on to be a part of multiple art shows where I placed each time; displayed work in the 2017 Inclusion poster project; designed a piece of work for the periodic table project which is currently on display at the Rangoli Metro Art Center in Bengaluru, India; and was the 2018 Recipient of The Dr. Irene Mitchell Three Sisters Endowed Art Scholarship



If finding a job right out of college wasn’t hard enough, I was challenged with the task of finding a placement during a Pandemic. For months I had been looking for a Graphic Designer position, but was not impressed by the companies that were hiring and did not want to settle for a job.

Out of pure luck, late one night (and I mean late, it was about one in the morning) I stumbled across Tepsi Print’s job posting for a Graphic Designer. I went onto their website and was in awe. The work Tepsi was producing was the kind of work I wanted to be involved in, from their crisp clean designs to their innovative ideas. My creative mind was already rolling. The work was better than any design agencies I had been looking at. For me, that was a sign that I needed to apply. 

Also, from my past experience in print design, to learn Tepsi had a Richo printer that had a fifth element of ink was like the icing on top of the cake. This printer is able to print in clear, white, infrared, and neon colors. I knew I needed to be able to come up with innovative designs to utilize this printer. There are no other printers like this in the area. This company was everything I was looking for. So, at one o’clock in the morning, I applied.

Fast forward a week from my virtual graduation from ESU, I accepted a role as a full-time Graphic Designer at Tepsi Print. Here at Tepsi, I am already working with multiple companies, creating innovative designs, and utilizing the fifth element of the printer. Also, along with the work I am doing, the people I work with bring an additional benefit. Tepsi Print is full of talented people. I feed off of constructive criticism and creative conversations. We are constantly bouncing ideas and designs off each other which only enhances any work we do. Together, we are constantly bringing new ideas to the table and raising the bar for design.


I love creating, and always have. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Watching my thoughts and sketches come to life is an experience like no other, whether it be in fine art or in graphic design. I love being able to help people’s ideas and dreams come to life! I have designed everything from logos, flyers, brochures, business cards, pamphlets, signage, t-shirt designs, graphic illustrations, and much more. You name it, I can create it. 

Having a background in fine art, I pride myself in being able to design in whatever style is most appropriate for the client. I enjoy being able to talk with people about what they envision for their brand/design. Aside from the artistic side of me, you can normally find me hanging out with family and friends, shopping at T.J.maxx, at the beach, or playing with makeup.