Looking for ways to increase your views on YouTube? The first step is a full understanding of the ever changing Youtube Algorithm. This is Youtube’s tool for predicting what content the viewer wants to see next based off what the content they just watched.

In the average 60 minute viewing session on Youtube, 70% of that content is recommended by the algorithm- That’s A LOT. The algorithm is vital to your Youtube marketing strategy because it influences how long the video should be, when you post and what keywords to use. 

What Does the Youtube Algorithm Influence?

The algorithm makes selections based on a channels’ frequency of uploads and the newness of the video. A video that has been sitting on your channel for a month is a lot less likely to be recommended. Channels who do not have a consistent upload schedule are also less likely to be recommended content by the Youtube algorithm. When you are developing a channel for your business or personal brand, it is important to set up a day you will consistently be posting. 

Search results are influenced by two factors:

  • How well your title, description and keywords fit the users query and 
  • How much engagement your video has already received through likes, comments and watchtime. It also gradually increases the length of the videos it recommends as the user spends more time on the site. This means you don’t necessarily need to be making your videos short and sweet to keep your viewers engaged for a longer percentage of the video.

Can you increase when your video is recommended?

You can increase the chances of your video being recommended by taking advantage of your metadata by creating accurate and descriptive titles and descriptions. Your title should be short and sweet, but attention grabbing. Videos with a custom thumbnail also generate more views.

Make your thumbnails consistent across all your videos because this will allow viewers to recognize your videos. Make the font large enough for the viewer to be able to read on a computer, television or mobile device. You do not want your video to be click bait, instead you want it to genuinely attract the interest of your target audience. One of the main things the Youtube Algorithm looks for is the click through rate. When the algorithm recommends a video, they want to see if people are actually interacting with the video. 

What is Rewarded

The algorithm rewards those who keep users on Youtube. This means that Youtube can expose more ads the longer they are on the site. The goal for content creators on Youtube is to turn impressions into views. You want to attract as many people as you can to your videos. That will in turn expose them to your other content and if you post quality content, that will lead to a subscription.

A method of doing this is making playlists on your channel. Grouping together related videos like this will play one video after another, keeping them on your page and on Youtube longer. The Youtube algorithm also rewards channels who keeps users on the site longer. 

Is your business on YouTube? What are your thoughts on the algorithm?