Fifteen businesses are forming a LGBTQ business council in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

Love is finally winning in the burg. The Pocono Chamber of Commerce and local businesses are working together to form a LGBTQ business council. Michael Moreno, a regional coordinator with the Pocono Chamber of Commerce, initiated the council and is working to form the committee.

Moreno saw a need to bring LGBTQ friendly businesses together in the burg. In fact, the mission of this new council is to welcome tourists, too. It is about time that businesses come together to advocate for the LGBTQ community and provide a friendly atmosphere.

“We have individuals coming in from Harrisburg, Philadelphia, New York City. They might not know the Poconos is LGBTQ friendly,” Moreno added.


The LGBTQ council began with only five business. However, there are now about 15 businesses taking part. In fact, the list continues to grow as word gets around about the new council.

Brian Crawford, owner of Rootin’ Tootin’ Hot Dogs on Main Street in Stroudsburg, was one of the firsts to join. He explained that there are various gay friendly businesses in the burg. In fact, there are many gay owned and operated businesses throughout Stroudsburg. Crawford added, “I happen to be … both gay owned and operated.”

Novus ACS, the Pocono Medical Center, the Rainbow Mountain Resort, Kitchen Chemistry, Pocono Soap and the Pocono Center for the Arts have also already joined the council.

Leading by Example

Moreno has explained that he is modeling the council after the LGBTQ council of the Greater Leigh Valley. Which, not to mention, has seen a great deal of success since it was initiated in 2012. In fact, Executive Vice President, Danielle Joseph, of the Greater Leigh Valley Chamber of Commerce said that the LGBTQ council has become an essential part of the diversity councils they run.

“It’s nice to be in a space where you get empowered,” Joseph said. “We are all in different areas of our personal and professional lives. It helps to be in a space where people get you.”

Moreno hopes to host an annual gala, LGBTQ related business panels and regular mixers and fundraisers.

Want to promote diversity in the workplace and spread the love throughout the burg? Any business or professional is welcome to join to show support for the LGBTQ community.

For more information on how to join the LGBTQ Business Council of Stroudsburg, contact Michael Moreno at mmoreno@greaterpoconochamber.