Like the Real Estate industry, competition amongst Law Firms is at an all time high. And, rightfully so. With 95% of the U.S. population using the Internet, if your firm isn’t represented as the best online, your competition is beating you.


Take these statistics into consideration. The below chart shows the internet usage by age group of individuals looking for a law firm.

Mobile Users

What these numbers should tell you is that your target market is looking for you online. All races, all ages, all nationalities, they are online. With this, a lightbulb should be going off in your head telling you to take your law firm marketing seriously. I mean, you want to grow and outrun the competition, don’t you?

Ask yourself, and be honest, is your law firm website better than your competitors? If your answer is no, you are losing out on potential cases to other attorneys. Did you know that consumers will look at 4-5 different law firms online before they choose one to call? Sure your website might have been at the lowest cost to create. However, is your website actually turning your visitors, if you have any, into leads? Focusing on website development costs can actually cost you more in lost revenue than just the cost to develop the Best website.

Don’t believe me? Here are 5 reasons why it’s important for a law office to have the Best website.

1. Your website is a direct representation of your brand

Whether you realize it or not, your law firm has a brand. In fact, every business and organization has one. The question is, did you make it, or did the market? What kind of image are you giving to your prospective clients? If your website is outdated, the design is bad, the information is old and the copyright still says 1990, it can make you look like a second-rate law firm. Which, is a bad reflection of your business. Regardless if you are the best law firm in Monroe County, consumers are going to judge you in your website is horrible. 

Remember, consumers visit your website before even interacting with you or anyone at your firm. So, it’s important to make a great first impression. A visually appealing, and modern, website helps to accomplish just that.

Tepsbest Who We Are

2. Your website helps you stand out from the competition

With over 1.5 million lawyers in the U.S., alone, online competition for consumers is tougher than it has ever been. As mentioned above, if consumers are comparing your website to other law firms online, a beautiful website can help you stand out from the crowd. Most consumers who are searching for a lawyer have never hired one before. So, if your website doesn’t stand out, it can be challenging to differentiate one lawyer from the next.

3. Your website maximizes your conversions

While getting traffic to your law firm website is important, getting those visitors to actually turn into leads is even more important. The goal of your website should be to get them to either pick up the phone or submit a contact form. The Best design is not just about having an aesthetically pleasing website, but about strategically laying out the information. Simply put, a website created with conversion in mind helps in generating leads, which ultimately leads to cases.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you giving consumers a compelling reason to call your firm or enter their information? 
  • Are you using consistent calls to actions in all places your visitors can see?
  • Is your website easy to navigate to the important information?
  • Is the text on your website easy to read on smaller devices, like a cell phone?

4. A Best website is good for your ranking on Google

Google is monitoring every single behavior of consumers visiting your website. If you are not set up with Google Analytics, you should be. Constantly looking at your websites’ analytics can help you identify if there are any problems. The goal is to avoid a high bounce rate. Simply put, a bounce rate is where a visitor leaves after seeing only one page on your website. In most cases, a high bounce rate means that either the design is bad, the content is poor, or the content isn’t relevant to the information the consumer was looking for.

A Best website design can keep consumers on your website longer. In turn, this gives them more time to find out about your firm instead of your competition. If someone comes to your site and hits the back button to Google within 30 seconds, this sends a bad message to google. Google is all about providing the every best user experience possible. So, your website needs to reflect that.


5. A Best website design helps with SEO

Speaking of Google. One of the most critical factors in Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is link building. This is the process of acquiring links from other websites that point to yours. Now, link building for law firms can be a challenge and takes a SEO expert to create a strategy. However, you have a greater chance of acquiring links if your law firm website is modern, cutting edge and makes you look like a trustworthy law firm. Especially if you are creating link-worthy content with highlights such as a blog.

Bottom Line

Even if you don’t advertise and you generate all your cases through referrals, you still need to have a website that will convince that person to contact your law firm. Your website is the foundation of your online marketing, so it is vital that you take it serious. You need to do whatever you can to build trust with consumers and the Best website design is the first step in that process.