On a frigid, December night in 2012, Kenneth Keitt experienced a tragedy that forever altered his life. Involved in a car accident where his vehicle rolled seven times, Keitt was subsequently ejected, and incurred injuries that resulted in being immediately paralyzed from his waist down. Keitt crawled up to the top of a hill in Blakeslee, Pennsylvania and laid down by the side of the road to be found by the state police. Kenneth, who also goes by Kenny, spent two months following the accident in critical care before being transferred to a rehabilitation unit in Philadelphia.

Keitt, who had previously served in the United States Marine Corps for four years, did not feel that he was being challenged enough during his stay in rehab. As a result, he began looking toward alternate opportunities that would allow him to move forward at a pace that suited his determination and hustle. Keitt worked towards discovering a new approach to his goals, as well as continuing to be an active father in his young son’s life.

Making a Change

After receiving his associate’s degree from Northampton Community College in business administration, Keitt wasted no time in transferring to Penn State (Lehigh Valley Campus) to further his education. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree in business, with a concentration in marketing. With his knowledge of how to build his own company, in addition to his passion for helping individuals in similar situations as himself, Keitt’s entrepreneur mentality kicked into gear.

With his background in sports and military training, Keitt turned to physical activity as an avenue to further develop himself. He soon realized that there was not an outlet for individuals with disabilities to gather as a community or to learn workouts that were wheelchair possible. Rather than staying inward and keeping his personal story and workout routines to himself, Keitt chose to impact others by starting his own business.


Kenneth Keitt founded ParaPer4mance, a fitness hub that encourages and teaches wheelchair users and those with limited mobility how to live a fit lifestyle. In the above video Keitt expresses his passion for continuing ParaPer4mance by saying, “I feel like I was put in this situation for a reason… and there are a lot of individuals out there who don’t have the same mindset that I did. I’m able to give people a platform and a place to come to, to be able to find products that will help increase quality of life.” Keitt believes that because this particular outlet often goes unaddressed, his experience and knowledge in fitness can not only educate, but also benefit the community.

Six years after his initial injury, Keitt has learned to rediscover who he is as Kenny post-accident. He says that he has dealt with ups and downs regarding his emotions, PTSD, anxiety, and depression, but by turning to physical fitness and mentors, he has gotten through each rough patch. Keitt knows that through ParaPer4mance, others who have similar circumstances can learn how to find themselves in a new light and motivate one another to do the same.

Going Live

In 2019, ParaPer4mance will be vamping up their social media outlets with content that will cater to various aspects of living healthier lifestyles. With streamed workouts, educational information, and merchandise coming soon, Keitt encourages users to follow their accounts to be updated with ParaPer4mance current events.

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