Personal Branding: Consumers Work With Companies they Know, Trust and who Position Themselves as the Experts


Let's be real, the internet solves everything. From simple quick fixes to severe pressing questions, consumers are constantly searching for answers. Maintaining contact with your current and potential customers is vital in any business. But when it comes to service, personal interaction, whether it be in person or digital, is a [...]

Top Branding and Digital Design Tips for Graphic Design Newbies


Welcome to the world of graphic design. Whether you’re thinking about going into the field, just got your degree or even need a little refresher, this article is for you. Just like marketing, the world of graphic design is constantly changing. However, the basic fundamentals of design we’ve all learned [...]

Mind Blowing Secrets on How to Gain Followers on Social Media

2019-10-23T18:58:34-04:00Hustle, Tepsi Print Video|

In today's podcast, TEPSBEST shares all of the mind-blowing secrets on how to gain more followers on your social media channels to increase your brand awareness. And because we all love a good freebie, stay tuned for a FREE social media game plan for all of you [...]

How to Effectively Add Video Content into Your Marketing Campaigns


In todays podcast, TEPSBEST gets down to the basics and explores how to effectively incorporate video into your social media marketing campaigns. Why? Because, we've said it before and we'll say it again, video is QUEEN! Make sure to stick around for a videography FREEBIE at the end of this [...]

Top Trends in the Public Relations Industry


Isn't public relations the same thing as marketing? And does your business really need it? In this week’s podcast, TEPSBEST Marketing Director, Carolyn, and PR Intern, Kait, explore the top trends in public relations for building a stronger connection with your target audience for your personal brand and business. Check [...]

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