Whether we like to believe it or not, the world in which we live in has gone purely digital. So much so that when you look around, 95% of the people you see will most likely be on their phone. Hey, you are probably on your phone right now. Sorry to call you out, but Americans typically spend around 18 hours of their day on their phone, tablet, computer or watching TV. That is 18 hours invested in the digital world. Sure it sounds lazy for the average Joe, but to businesses… it’s a gold mine.

Think about it. If we are on some form of technology for 18 hours of the day, that means your target audience is too. So let me ask you this. Are you on social media? Do you have an optimized website? Can I find you on the first page of Google? If you answered “No” to any of those questions, keep reading. And if you answered “Yes” to all three, well congratulations because you’re doing something right.

The way the world does business has changed drastically over the past 15 years. Where we used to have to go to the store to buy anything, we now have access to hundreds of vendors at the click of a button — or the touch of a screen. If your brand does not have a strong digital footprint, sorry to say it but you’re getting left in the dust by your competition.

Here are our top 2 tips to illuminate your digital footprint.

1. Connect with Your Customers

You won’t see Instagram sending you money through PayPal for having 100k followers, and you won’t get any stock options if your Facebook posts get a ton of likes. When it comes to customer acquisition, it is all about trust. And how you build that trust, is through constant communication and engagement with your customers. When a customer comments on a post, leaves you a review or sends you an email/message, ANSWER THEM! This sounds pretty self explanatory, but it is surprising with how many businesses actually let these interactions fall through. Stand out from the crowd, engage with every customer — even when it’s negative.

2. Don’t Sell the Product

It all relates back to trust. Regardless of your target market, 98% of customer retention is due to trust. You might be asking, “How does someone trust a company?” Well, you’re more than a company or a business… aren’t you? Trust is built on personifying your product or business. Focus on telling the story, not selling the product. Why? Because your target audience connects with the story behind, or about, your product. They don’t want to be sold too. News flash, facts don’t matter, pull at the heart strings. You’ll be surprised with how much your sales increase.

The Bottom Line

You build trust by being amazing at what you do and having people genuinely recommend you online. But you keep trust by cultivating a unique connection with your target market. Once you realize you are more than a company or a product, your social media will begin to shine.

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