One of the main frustrations that brands and businesses face on Instagram is that it takes too long to find quality followers and then turn those followers into customers. In this week’s podcast, TEPSBEST Marketing Director, Carolyn, and Videographer/Editor, Jenna, go over How to Convert Followers to Customers on Instagram.

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Instagram Frustration

What is your number one frustration for social media marketing? I want you to really think about it. From posting, to engagement, to conversions. What is frustrating you the most?

Different industries have different pressure points when it comes to social media marketing. But, let’s be honest here. 99% of personal brands and business owners say that the thing that frustrates them the most is the fact that it takes too long to get quality followers who then turn into customers.

Well, hate to break it to you, but social media marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. I mean, if you want that quality customer, you have to put in the time and effort into finding them. What are they looking for? Are you being interactive? What are you doing to stand out from your competition?

Instagram Social

Many users tend to forget the fact that social media is supposed to be just that… SOCIAL! And if it isn’t obvious, being social goes both ways. I mean, you don’t want into a business card exchange with other hustlers and just say “hey, I’m here, come talk to me!” Silly, right? No, we walk in and either go up to someone we know or someone who looks like someone we want to know. We initiate the conversation. So, why is social media different?

You should be trying harder to build a conversation on Instagram than in person. Think of it this way, if you initiate an interaction with someone online, whether it be through a message or a comment, you will only get 10 responses out of 100! Only 10 out of 100! If you’re thinking “that will take me forever!” well, yes, yes it will. But those quality followers are worth the extra time.

Build a Business on Instagram

If your intention is to grow your business on social media, then this shouldn’t come as a surprise. At TEPSBEST, we live by the saying, you have to give a little to get a little. And this goes the same for social media. If you want to build engagement on your Instagram, you have to BE interactive.

The good news? You can start right now with these 3 tips on how to build engagement on Instagram.

Number 1: Commenting

Now, the emojis might be cute, but those are not the types of comments that are going to build your engagement. In fact, Instagram isn’t even going to recognize that as engagement. I’m talking about a quality comment of a minimum of 4 words. If you are searching a hashtag, or scrolling through a page that is similar to your niche, pick a photo and comment with your expertise. It’s as simple as that. Skip the generic “cute” or “fun” and make the comment count!

Number 2: Share Valuable Content

What is valuable content? It is more than just the end result. Your followers want to see your design process, your work environment, how you build that burger, how you pick color swatches for your room design, or even that stitch before surgery is complete. Take your followers on a digital journey into the life of what makes your brand or business what it is today. This not only builds trust, but will entice them to be engaged with your posts.

Number 3: Be Consistent

How much you get, is directly related to how much you put in. If you are not putting in 110% every day to reach your goal of turning your followers into customers, then you are missing out on a hell of an opportunity. Pick a number of posts you want to post and STICK to it every-single-day.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there is no shortcut that is going to get you Instagram followers to customers faster. Remember, social media marketing is a marathon, not sprint.

We’ll see you next week as we go over “How to Build a Consistent Instagram” with Social Media Specialist, Becca! Until then, keep hustlin’!

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