We are here today with Tepsi Senior Videographer and Editor, Jenna Hamlet, and Marketing Director, Carolyn Walker, discussing tips for photography.

Tell A Story

If you check out the Instagram accounts of Trackside Grill & Bar in East Stroudsburg or Garlic Prime Steak & Seafood in Stroudsburg, you’ll instantly see notice the story behind their brand. In fact, the photographs draw you in to their content and adds a sense of personality to their food and drinks. The master behind the camera? None other than the fabulous, Jenna Hamlet.

Here are our top 2 tips on capturing the story in a photograph.


Lighting invokes emotions. If you’re going for a happy-go-lucky kind of feel, go with the bright and natural sunshine. Vice versa, if you want a more intense and dramatic feeling, focus on shadows and high contrast.


Angles add personality. For food in particular, you want to focus on adding that bold confidence to the photo. The goal is to make the item you are photographing feel like it’s a person.

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