Not for nothing, but building trust is a critical aspect of any marketing strategy. Why? Because it converts leads into customers.

Check out our 2 tips for how to build trust with your brand.

1. Be Consistent

We can’t stress enough how important it is to be consistent. Not only with your brand look and feel, but how you are interacting with your current and potential customers. This means, posting on social media on a regular basis and keeping in line with what your brand represents. By doing so, you will build your brand and increase ROI with your marketing.

I mean, would you trust Nike if every ad they put out looked like a different company? Would you still follow your favorite influencer if they posted, maybe, 2 times a week? 99% of consumers would say no to both of these questions. I mean, how can you trust a company that is always changing? There is a reason why companies like Nike are so successful.

Bottom Line: Your current and potential customers are going to come back to you if your brand and message is consistent throughout your marketing.

Pro Tip: Your branding style guide should be your work bible. If you don’t have one, we should chat.

2. Value Added Content

Let’s face it, consumers love free stuff. I mean, we are all guilty of falling suit to the free is for me game. In business, you want to give a little to get a little.

At TEPSBEST, we love to offer freemiums. In general, freemiums are value added content that your leads can take from your social media or website. These can be anything from ebooks, videos or even case studies. Basically, any value added information that you can give your leads to draw them in to want more. I mean, if you give away value for free, wouldn’t they trust you to give you even more?

Pro Tip: Make your freemium SO good that your lead is begging for more information.

Do you offer freemiums to your leads? Comment below with how YOU make the sale!