Social Media Marketing is all about being interactive and engaged with your followers. After all, it is social media, right? So, how do you build an interactive Instagram for your personal brand or business? TEPSBEST Social Media Specialist, Becca, breaks it down in this video!

Build an Interactive Instagram

The number one thing you should be doing to build an interactive Instagram is upping your story game. Whether you like to believe it or not, Instagram stories are your friend. I mean, the more you are in front of your audience, the more chance to make a connection, right? If your followers aren’t seeing your feed, they are seeing you through your story. In fact, consistent stories transfers over to consistent profile views.

Instagram Stories

Personally, I always look at the bar of stories on top of my Instagram home page before even scrolling through the feed of photos. And I am not the only one. Why? Because consumers love making connections to businesses and seeing behind the scenes. This ties back into building trust between your brand and the consumer.

PRO TIP: GIFs, polls, the heart smiley with the slider, quizzes, utilize the interactive elements Instagram already has pre-set in the app!

The more you build on your stories, the more relevant you will be on your audiences pages. I mean, isn’t that the goal of using Instagram in the first place?

How do YOU tackle Instagram stories?