Okay, you’ve got a pretty awesome camera in hand and are anxious to get out and video anything and everything. Sure you can do what everyone else is doing and just shoot footage, but how do you take it to the next level? Videography is more than just taking a video. It’s about capturing the emotions and ultimately telling the story.

If you’re searching for ways to amp up your video skills, here are a few essential tips that will elevate you to an instant videography pro.

Starting off

Typically, the most difficult part of getting a new piece of technology is familiarizing yourself with how it works. Not many people have the patience to sit down and read the instructions manual… especially once they’ve opened up their shiny new gadget. But, if you take a moment to consider the benefits, you might become part of the minority that truly understands their camera.


  • How do you select a different frame rate for different types of scenes?
  • How do you adjust the white balance in various lighting situations?
  • How do you ensure your subject is 100% in focus?
  • When you know the ins and outs of your camera, you are that much closer to being a videography ninja.


Don’t Be Basic

Sounds a bit harsh, but there’s no getting around it. If you actually want your shots to be unique, you’ll have to put your creative thinking cap on. Is there a video you’ve seen that you want to emulate or put your own spin on? There will always be a time and place for the classic filmmaking angles, as there’s also prime time to incorporate a stylistic approach. When you get the feel of what type of video you’re aiming for, it clarifies which angles you should be capturing.


  • Your subject doesn’t have to be center frame for each shot
  • Move around to find unique angles, rather than staying rooted to one spot
  • Have a combination of close-ups, pan, and still shots
  • Have the shot appropriately framed and in focus before you hit record
  • If you have the option to do multiple takes of your subjects, always have more than one version of a pivotal scene

Forward Thinking

Whether you or someone else is going to be editing the footage, it benefits everyone involved if you film with an editing mindset. Never assume that everything can be fixed in post production. With that being said, it’s helpful to ask yourself: how will all of these clips look once they’re strung together? Am I allowing enough variety for multiple editing options?

Taking the time in pre-planning to ensure that the final product is going to flow well sky-rockets your videography skills from beginner to pro.


  • Plan out the shoot so you have clear direction of each scene
  • Allow each shot to record a few seconds longer than you think is needed
  • Set your white balance and color settings before you record to lessen post production work
  • Keep your shots as steady as possible with either a tripod or handheld stabilization device
  • If you have a grid on your camera, turning on this feature helps you keep your equipment level


That’s A Wrap!

Now that you have a baseline of tips to get you started, you can really play around with your creativity. The most important thing you can do with this information is to put it into practice. Test your limits, challenge yourself, and find your own unique style.

We’re excited for you to get this videography party started. But if anything comes up, feel free to reach out to us on the chat to the right of this page to speak with one of our videography specialists. Now hop to it, video pros!