No matter what profession you choose to pursue in life, good writing skills are highly important. Yes that’s correct, all those years of writing dreadful essays for English class is finally gonna pay off! And, if you’re still in school, don’t miss that class. Everyone I have ever met in the working world has told me it is crucial to have great grammar skills.

Show off your knowledge in writing with just these simple tips!

1. Know What You’re Writing About

If you’re given a task to write about, do research on the topic you were assigned. Trust me, it is way easier to write when you actually know what you’re talking about. Like I always say, good writing is like having a conversation, but on paper. In addition, you will have plenty to talk about in your written work if you know the topic like the back of your hand.

2. Be Specific

Read this sentence out loud, “The girl’s smile was pretty.” Now read this one, “With her eyes glistening in the sun, she slowly revealed her pearly whites as if she had just won a million bucks.” Notice a difference? If you keep the word “pretty” as a way to describe the girl’s smile, it doesn’t help the reader actually visualize what she actually looked like. You want to be specific to paint the perfect image of what you are describing to the reader so they can visualize in their minds.

3. Grammar

Need I say more? I will anyway because it is a mandatory tip for good writing skills. Unless you’re writing a blog, you want to make sure to use proper grammar in a writing piece. Just one misspelled word can have the reader confused and focus on the error more than the story. Has anyone ever read a novel/short story with a word spelled incorrectly or a pronunciation that wasn’t in the right place? It’s extremely annoying and makes the writer sound uneducated. Double check your grammar ALWAYS.

4. Use Big “Fancy” Words

Alright, now I’m going to let you in on a little secret, I don’t know the entire dictionary by heart. Heck, I dare the person who claims to know every word and meaning to come forth. However, the trick to sounding extra professional in the writing world is to use big words when you don’t even need to use them. It’s an old trick I used on teachers back in the day to give me bonus points. Whether if you have to look up synonyms for basic words, or search for alternate ones, try to find a way to sneak in a term that isn’t normally used.

5. Keep it Short and to the Point

For the love of God do NOT have long sentences. I say this with love, no one wants a paragraph that’s a full page long. In addition, don’t have any run on sentences. Have you ever talked to someone that rambles on and on after they made their point? Exactly. It’s no different when it’s on paper. Now, there’s a difference between elaborating and rambling. Elaborating is explaining what you mean after you make your point. Rambling is basically repeating yourself over and over again with your point in addition with irrelevant information.

Got any more tips for outstanding writing skills? Let us know!