By: Carolyn Walker

We have all heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but what does it actually mean? Yes we understand that we need it – I mean, if you aren’t on Google, can you be successful? But, what, and how, the heck are we supposed to be optimizing in the first place?

On-Page SEO

On‐page SEO is all about adjusting the elements on your website so that Google understands it better. You have to carefully describe what your website is about so that Google recognizes how awesome it is. In return, Google will decide that it deserves to be #1 in search results.

This means focusing on your content, page titles, sub-headlines and even the data in your photos and videos. Everything on your website should be placed for a reason – to get viewers to your website.

Showing up #1 on Google does not happen often, but one can dream. This is because of the popularity of Google Ads. However, we do promise that you’ll be on the first page with a little work on the back-end.

Off-Page SEO

On the other hand, off‐page SEO is a fancy way of telling you to build lots of great backlinks so that Google think your page is trustworthy. Uhm, what are backlinks?

Let’s backup. Backlinks are URLs that are on other websites that lead back to yours. So, if you add your website URL to your Facebook or Instagram account, that is a backlink to your website. Think of any link that is taking you back to your website.

To build up trust with Google, your backlink game needs to be strong. The more and better quality backlinks that are connected to your website, the more Google prioritizes your website. Thank you Google.

Pro Tip: Connect with your suppliers, local businesses and even influencer blogs and link up with each other!


Hit the Breaks

Deep breathes. You don’t have to wrap your head around everything right now. We will take you through some helpful tips and tricks on how to optimize your website so Google sees it as the best.