Amazon and Google are in a fight for the top smart home market. As of right now, Amazon leads the market with more sales and having a larger platform for the building of third-party providers. However, Google has been gaining more partnerships and enhancing the Home appeal with high quality smart devices. Both devices allow you to give voice commands to control things like thermostats, turning on the lights, or asking to play a specific song.


Google Home has recently produced their Google Home Hub, which is the first smart home that has a screen to it. This allows you to visually see what the Assistant is talking about. And that’s not all. Yesterday, Google released a limited time feature to have John Legend (professional singer, song writer) as your voice assistant. Naturally, consumers are going crazy.

Legend’s voice is only available for select content, but who cares? I mean, hearing John Legend say “good morning” sounds like a great start to your day, doesn’t it? Anything you ask Legend that he does not know the answer to will be translated by the standard Assistant voice.

The singer went into the recording studio and answered questions like “are you John Legend?”, “tell me a joke”, “what’s your favorite type of music?” etc. If you do not have John Legend as your Google Assistant, you can either say “Hey Google, talk like a Legend,” or you can go into the Assistant settings and choose John Legend.

Isn’t technology amazing?