TEPSBEST SEO Specialist & Web Developer, Nate, and Marketing Director, Carolyn, chat about what Google dropped yesterday at the Google Marketing Live Conference.

Google Youtube Bumper

Machine Bumper Machine lets the Google machine algorithms cut your video down into multiple 6s bumper ads on Youtube. When its linked to your YouTube account, it can do it to your videos that are 90 seconds or fewer. Bumper machine will provide you, in about a minute, several different bumpers ads that you can edit or choose from.

What goes on under the hood in this process is actually a lot more complex. First, the algorithms analyze each frame within the video. Each of these frames gets evaluated and assigned a visual score using a variety of machine learning models. For example, this is done using abilities to identify if a person is in frame and how close or far they are to another model.

At the same time, this new technology helps find branding elements within the video. Bumper Machine learning has a trained model to identify when logos text overlays and products appear so it can use the best branding shots in the final bumper cutout.

Lastly, to make sure the video isn’t blurry or choppy bumper machine learning uses a combination of rule-based decisions as a final step to selecting which scenes make the cut in the final six second ad is created.

Google Travel & Shopping

Do you have a business in the travel or shopping industry? Well, now you can really increase SEO to target these new integrations. Why is this important to know? Because now when someone is looking up travel areas or where to shop, Google will grant them an entire search experience custom to what they are looking for. For travel, this includes hotels, airfare, shopping, restaurants, weather and more.

Day 2 of Google Marketing Live is in full effect. Stay turned for more updates Google is throwing into the marketing mix!