When sending a project to print, you want to ensure the file format is acceptable, it contains a bleed, takes a safe zone into consideration and is in the right color profile.

For a detailed example on how to set your file up for print, read this blog post here.

File Formats: We accept all file formats, however to ensure a high quality print, we recommend formats such as PDF, AI, PSD, EPS, IND and TIFF.

If you only have a document that is an image format, such as JPEG or PNG, that is a high resolution (300 DPI at the size you want printed), these files will work as well.

Bleed: If you want your artwork, photo or design to be extended to the edges of the paper, you need to include a .125″ area (bleed) around the project.

For example, if you want a 5×7 invitation, the file submitted should be 5.25×7.25 which includes the bleed.

Safe Zone: The safe zone ensures none of the important information on your project gets cut off. Please create a .125″ safe zone within your document, never extend text to the edges of the project, unless it is part of the design.

Color Profile: Your print files should be in a CMYK color profile as that is the ink used in the printers. If you submit a project in a RGB color profile, the printed piece will look different and not as expected.