On today’s episode of Tepsi Talks, the creative team shares out-of-the-box printing ideas to bring to your restaurant to keep your guests engaged and eager to try your menu items from the Tepsi print & design studio in East Stroudsburg, PA.


Guest experiences are not only built off of how good your food is and the friendliness of your staff, but how your brand interacts with each guest throughout their entire time dining in your restaurant. From your posters, menus, table tents, coupons, stickers, business cards and swag, you have the opportunity to interact with your guests without even touching their table. How? Print and Design with Tepsi Print.

From the moment a guest walks into your restaurant, your brand is making an impression. An impression that can not only impact their buying behavior, but how they remember you even after they walk out the door. Don’t believe us? Just watch.


Before you even start printing for your restaurant, it is important to first think about the design of each piece. The design should mimic your brand and captivate your audience to make them HUNGRY for your food. From your color schemes, fonts and photography, each design aspect is used to represent your brand in a positive light. Why is this important? Because it leaves an impression with your current and future guests, without even touching their table.


The first item that comes to mind while thinking of printing for a restaurant is, of course, their menu. The number one recommendation that we swear by is adding authentic photography to your menu. Because, let’s be real, we eat with our eyes. And when your guest sees a juicy burger on your menu, they are going to want that burger. Highlight the items you want to guests to focus on with authentic photos to persuade their buying behavior! When they see the photo, they don’t have to read the rest of the items, their stomach already knows they want THAT. In fact, in a study we have done with local restaurants, the top 3 sellers on menus are those that have a photo of the item.

PRO TIP: Stay away from stock photography when you are designing your menu. You don’t want to promote a plating of an item that is not yours. This will just leave your guests disappointed. Authentic photography will provide your guests a glimpse of the tastiness they will be getting when their ticket is up in the kitchen.


Recipe and drink cards are a great way to give a little “freemium” to your guests that they can bring home with them. Many guests will ask you “what is in that sangria?” or “how do you make this burger?.” Giving them a recipe card that they can try out themselves just brings value to your brand. But don’t worry, they won’t stop coming to your restaurant or winery, in fact, they will come by MORE because they trust you!



Table tents are HUGE in the restaurant industry and are our #2 top seller at Tepsi Print. They can not only be used to promote your daily specials, but special announcements, upcoming events or even how to find you on social media. The tables in your restaurant are prime real estate, use them to your advantage! By adding a simple table tent to each table, you are making an impression on your guests without even talking to them.


Brochures allow you to bring a WOW factor to your print marketing and is a great takeaway for your guests, or even to promote your space. You can think of the traditional trim-fold brochures, but thinking outside-the-box is what is really going to grab someone’s attention. You can do something as easy as printing on two sheets and adding a pin to make it a rotating brochure. The sample in our video shows a creative style that is interactive with the viewer and allows them to “pour a beer”.

PRO TIP: Upgrade to include a clear ink pattern for a final touch to really make that impression with your guests!


Swag are items that are used to promote your brand that your guests either get for free or can purchase. From shirts, sweatshirts, hats, pins, bags, and even masks, there are plenty of possibilities to get your brand out there. Not to mention, it is free advertising when your guests and employees wear your merchandise when they aren’t even in your restaurant!



Another innovative way to think about design and print for the restaurant industry is the paper choices. Waterproof paper paper will last you longer than laminate and, of course, longer than regular paper. Because we all know in the restaurant industry, spills happen! By choosing waterproof paper, you are protecting your menus so they last through the typical wear and tear restaurant life.


We hope this video sparked some creative ideas that you can bring to your restaurant. Make sure to like this video, hit that subscribe button and comment below on what printing techniques you want to see next!