Hustle with Marketing


Marketing, advertising and media trends you need to know to be successful. TEPSBEST provides expert tips of the ever-changing media and marketing industries. More specifically, topics such as graphic design, videography, photography, social media management and website development. Why do we call it Hustle? Because every day you have to hustle to be on top of the trends to beat out the competition.

Mind Blowing Secrets on How to Gain Followers on Social Media

2019-10-23T18:58:34-04:00Hustle, Tepsi Print Video|

In today's podcast, TEPSBEST shares all of the mind-blowing secrets on how to gain more followers on your social media channels to increase your brand awareness. And because we all love a good freebie, stay tuned for a FREE social media game plan for all of you [...]

How to Effectively Add Video Content into Your Marketing Campaigns


In todays podcast, TEPSBEST gets down to the basics and explores how to effectively incorporate video into your social media marketing campaigns. Why? Because, we've said it before and we'll say it again, video is QUEEN! Make sure to stick around for a videography FREEBIE at the end of this [...]

Top Trends in the Public Relations Industry


Isn't public relations the same thing as marketing? And does your business really need it? In this week’s podcast, TEPSBEST Marketing Director, Carolyn, and PR Intern, Kait, explore the top trends in public relations for building a stronger connection with your target audience for your personal brand and business. Check [...]

Why Local SEO is Important for Building a Business

2019-10-23T18:46:12-04:00Hustle, Tepsi Print Video|

Why is focusing on Local SEO important for building a personal brand or business? In this week’s podcast, TEPSBEST Marketing Director, Carolyn, and SEO Specialist and Web Developer, Nate, explore the importance of utilizing local search engine optimization, or SEO, to grow your personal brand and business. Check out the [...]

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