Hustle with Marketing


Marketing, advertising and media trends you need to know to be successful. TEPSBEST provides expert tips of the ever-changing media and marketing industries. More specifically, topics such as graphic design, videography, photography, social media management and website development. Why do we call it Hustle? Because every day you have to hustle to be on top of the trends to beat out the competition.

The World of Social Media Advertising | Tepsi Talk


On this episode of Tepsi Talks, the creative team talks about the world of Social Media Advertising and reaching future and current customers through a more targeted approach on a variety of social media platforms. RECAP: WHY SHOULD YOUR BRAND BE ON SOCIAL MEDIA? Social media marketing allows your business [...]

Creative Printing Techniques for the Restaurant Industry


On today's episode of Tepsi Talks, the creative team shares out-of-the-box printing ideas to bring to your restaurant to keep your guests engaged and eager to try your menu items from the Tepsi print & design studio in East Stroudsburg, PA. RESTAURANT MARKETING Guest experiences are not only built off [...]

Meet Our Human Resources Manager and Jack of All Trades


Meet Korin, our behind the scenes Tepsi jack-of-all-trades.  From phone calls to paychecks, checkbooks to blogs, you can find our assistant at the front of our office ready to greet each of our clients, guests and new team members with a warm “Welcome to Tepsi!” The Start of it All  [...]

On the Road to Success: Young Entrepreneur, Haidyn Long, Makes an Impact


Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, and 18 year old Haidyn Long, Owner and Founder of Final Touch Detailing, is on fire when it comes to the hustle of being a business owner.   Over winter break from high school in his junior year, Haidyn’s Father encouraged him [...]