Sponsored by JDRF, One Walks are fundraising events put on by supporters, partners and survivors who are working tirelessly to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

This past weekend, our local chapter of JDRF held their annual walk throughout Main Street in Stroudsburg, PA. Supporters, survivors and partners joined together to raise funds for those suffering from Type 1 Diabetes.

One Walk

Starting at 2:00 p.m. at Stroudsburg High School, participants walked 3 miles down Main Street and back. The walk was initiated with a ribbon cutting by two T1D kids.

As the countdown hit “one”, participants stormed passed the JDRF archway and raced around the high school track. After their lap around, participants hit the streets and walked down Main Street and back. To which, they were greeted by praise and delicious food donated by Momentos and Cinder Inn.

Overall, the Stroudsburg One Walk raised 93% of their original goal with a total of $97,090.

Walk to End T1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes is a genetic and/or environmental cause leaving the pancreatic cells producing little to no insulin. Illnesses, such as a virus, can trigger the disease making it worse for those with it in their system. Symptoms can include extreme hunger, fatigue, frequent urination, and blurred vision. In result, Type 1 Diabetes can increase blood sugar levels in addition to eventually developing a heart disease.


Besides finding a cure for T1D, the organization wants to deliver new treatments and therapies to help those who live with this disease live healthier and longer.

I challenge you to be one of the 900,000 individuals JDRF brings together each year. If you are passionate to find a cure, but do not see a walk coming soon to your area, take the extra step and start a small community walk.

Will you help us turn type one into type none?