On today’s episode of Tepsi Talks, the creative team shares out-of-the-box printing ideas to bring to the classroom to keep the school year exciting as they change the Tepsi print & design studio into a classroom with a superhero twist.


Let’s face it, no one really has any solid answers on how this school year is going to look. But, whether you are choosing to keep your kid(s) home and learn virtually or through cyber school, or you are encouraging them to be amongst their friends in the classroom, you can still make the school year exciting. How? Creative decor and interactive handouts with Tepsi Print!

Whether your school year will be virtual or in the classroom, there are still ways to make it fun. We’ve transformed the Tepsi print & design studio into a classroom to show you unique printing techniques that you can bring to your classroom. Let’s check it out!


Before we even get into the classroom, let’s talk about home. When you’re about to put your child on the bus for the first time, a really great way to really make this a memory is to take a photo. So, one creative printing technique is to create and print first day of school posters. These can range from simple paper printouts to cardstock cutouts to even larger photo props that your kids hold. Take a photo of them before they get on the bus holding up their first day of school sign to really bring the excitement back into the first day of school. You can do this once a year, twice a year or even on the first, middle and last day of the school year. Carry the tradition up to their senior year of high school and build a scrapbook that they can keep forever.


Let’s dive into the classroom. What better way to bring the excitement back into the classroom than to pick a killer theme! If you couldn’t tell by our awesome intro or background, we’ve picked superheros to showcase. Because, what’s better than superheros?

For your classroom theme, you can go as far as the posters on the walls, the borders, handouts, interactive games, calendars and more. This is your chance to really bring out the creativity and make your classroom a full experience! Not to mention, will increase the excitement to finally be back into the classroom.

Click the link here to download our FREE superhero fall calendar: https://bit.ly/3fgKxq1

Classroom Theme Samples


It’s no secret that the main priority of getting back into the classroom is covid-19 safety and maintaining a clean and responsible classroom. Make sanitation fun with custom posters and hand sanitizers with labels that have the kids names on them! I mean, who doesn’t remember their first day of school and having your teacher hand you a personalized pencil box or to see your name on the desk? Even with decals on the floors to keep a 6 feet distance, you can still make it fun! Scrap the traditional floor decals and tie the decals into your theme and really make it a full classroom experience!


Stickers come in a wide variety of formats, shapes and sizes. You can do anything from first day of school stickers, reward stickers, test stickers, season stickers and more. This just adds another element of surprise and excitement that keeps the kids engaged.


Another really innovative way to print creative printing into the classroom is through interactive learning tools and games. One sample of something you can do is themed clocks. The fun aspect of it is that they bring art into the classroom as the kids can cut out and create the clocks themselves. It’s interactive, keeps them engaged and they can tell the time. Win win? We think so.

First Last Day of School Posters


We hope this video sparks some creative ideas that you can bring to your classroom. Make sure to like this video, tap that subscribe button and comment below on the printing techniques you want to see next. Until then, stay creative!