Let’s face it… consumerism is not like how it once was. We’d walk in the store and talk to an employee and just like that we’re out the door with a product we didn’t even know we wanted.

Advertisement is the most important tool when marketing an item or idea because it’s not only how people get introduced to it, but how it is recognized. Which is why it is important to think deeply about the message you want to portray and execute it in a way that resonates with others.

Advertisement Changes

Traditional advertisements are the commercials and posters that blatantly say “buy this,” but trends show that this strategy is no longer effective. Think about it. Are you captivated by a post on social media that has an image of the product and the price? 95% of people will scroll right on past this type of ad.

Advertisements are changing as we know it. They’re underlying messages to videos and public service announcements or they pop up on our feeds even though we never mentioned it aloud or searched it on the web. Advertisements are everywhere. And their effective, if done correctly.

Be Effective

For ads to effective, it is important to connect with your audience and show them who you actually are, as opposed to someone who just wants to take their money. When you lay that foundation, the relationship becomes genuine and your “customers” become supporters.

Make the conversion smooth and effortless in three simple steps:

Passion: When you’re passionate about what you’re selling, people will take notice and will want to buy. Why is your product worth buying? What sets it apart from everything else?

Hustle: Hustle to perfect your craft and push it to its fullest potential because someone is going to be interested in it and they are going to want to elevate you. The more time spent into molding your product the more it’ll pay off.

Realness: This is by far the most important part about selling something, when you show you have integrity people will feel more comfortable buying from you because you’ve kept it real from the start.

The Bottom Line

Ads aren’t about the product as much as it is about getting a rise out of the person buying it. As humans, we naturally act on our emotion and how we feel about something.

The goal is to get people to buy your product because it’ll change their lives for the better and the only way to do that is by having a vision and believing in it. People don’t buy the clothes, they buy the brand and it’s because the brand has a story which makes their product more meaningful.

Make your product meaningful. Be great to do great.


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