Tim Smedley is known for being the best Chef in East Stroudsburg, leading Trackside Station Grill & Bar as Executive Chef for TEPSBEST. But at home, he is known for being the best dad to four amazing, energetic, little girls and a loving husband to his beautiful wife, Nicole.

Love at First Sight

Tim and Nicole met while working together at a local restaurant, Alaska Pete’s. Within a week, Tim knew he was in love and that he was going to marry the most incredible woman he has ever met. Being swept off her feet, Nicole fell in love with his character, humor and amazing cooking skills. It was a perfect partnership from the start.

Building a Family

While they were talking about having kids, neither of them believed they would have more than two. But they were blessed with four unique, incredible and beautiful little girls. As he talks about having four girls, Tim gleams “…we saw how amazing life could be”.

“We rely on each other to complete everything, and every task and every function… which makes us a tight knit unit.”

While every dad’s dream is to have their daughters home forever, Tim would be more than pleased if some day they grew up to be bakers and chefs. And from the looks of it now, they might very well be following in their parents’ footsteps.

A Very Smedley Holiday

The Smedley six are gearing up for the holidays and each are excited to spend time with one another and are enjoying the festivities to the max.

The girls love the holidays, not only because dad has off from the restaurants, but because they get to see parts of their family that they don’t get to see very often. And of course, they get to open up presents that Santa left them under the tree.

Together, they are happy to be the family that they are. They are the Smedleys and they wouldn’t trade it for the world.

The Best of the Burg

TEPSBEST is proud to have been able to highlight the Smedleys as being the perfect example of family ties during the holidays. We are always looking for the best businesses and individuals who are making an impact in the Poconos to highlight in our monthly video and magazine segments.

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