There is no other industry that goes up and down as much as real estate. In fact, there have been some crazy ups and downs over the past decade. After hitting rock bottom in 2012, the industry has been on an uphill climb since 2014. And let me just say, the competition amongst realtors is smoking.


The competition is so fierce that realtors are going out of their way to try new marketing strategies that will put them ahead of their competition. Sure business cards and signs worked in the past. But, are they really setting you apart from the newbie who just passed their exam? Sorry to break it to you, but they’re not.

Let’s face it. Your buyers are online. In fact, 92% of them do more leg work online before even involving you in the process. So why aren’t more realtors focusing their attention to digital marketing? The fact that 92% of your target audience is online should already be switching on that lightbulb. If you’re not active, engaging and networking online, you’re missing out on a lot of closings.

Don’t know where to start? Check out our top 8 real estate marketing strategies for those looking to crush the real estate game.


1. Social Media

Make sure you have social media accounts on all the big networks. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram are huge in the real estate industry. Interact with potential buyers/sellers, share good press and promote the crap out of your listings.

2. Hire a Photographer

Even if the property is great, bad photos will steer interest in the opposite direction. Potential buyers don’t want to see a small blurry photo of a kitchen that they can barely make out. Is that a granite countertop? They need to see it. It’s crucial that you have gorgeous photos of your listings. Hire a photographer to capture the personality of your properties. Trust me, it’ll pay off to hire a professional.

3. 360 Tours

Nothing is cooler to a buyer then walking through their new potential house on their phone. Not to mention, gives your audience a firsthand look before even stepping foot in the property. 360 degree virtual tours are a great, and creative, way to give a comprehensive preview. Take the extra step and hire a professional to capture your listing in a virtual reality. The pros aren’t as far as you think… we are right in your backyard!


4. Mobile Friendly

95% of your potential buys are searching for their next dream house on their phones. Heck, we are all guilty of being on our phones more than we probably should be. So, it only makes sense that your website should be mobile friendly. No one is going to stay on a website that isn’t easy to navigate or the content doesn’t fit the screen. Consumers are all about convenience and efficiency. So, your website should follow the same trend. Even better, consider creating a mobile app!

5. Build a Brand

As a realtor, you are your brand. To put it simply, your brand is what represents you as a realtor. Sure you might be a part of Keller Williams or Remax, but you’re really working for yourself. What are you going to do differently than your colleague? Build a brand. Get yourself pens, koozies, notepads and all of those other freebies that consumers love. Put your name on them and give them out at local festivals and networking events.

6. Creative Website

Not only should your website be mobile, but it should also be creative. Don’t get stuck on using a template that everyone else in Keller Williams is using. Stand out from Joe Shmoe and create a unique website that captivates your audience. And, don’t only focus on the information for your properties. Grab potential buyers with great photos, virtual tours, nearby hot spots (like that Starbucks down the street or the train station two blocks over) and videos that add personalization to your brand.


7. SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the perfect way to use the content on your website to increase the viewers. In fact, it’ll also expand the reach of your marketing. Keywords such as “houses for sale,” “for sale by owner,” or “MLS” have higher values on search engines than other terms. Work with a pro to optimize your digital presence with more keywords that are extremely local and unique to you. For instance, use “East Stroudsburg Townhouse” rather than “townhouse for sale.”

8. Videos

Video is queen. And if you didn’t know that, you should read why HERE. Realtors who are using videos to market their properties are crushing it, while those who aren’t are left in the dust. Work with a pro to create personalized videos and insert them into your website, social media platforms and email campaigns.

In this digital age, how are you going to stand out from the competition?