Breaking down the top marketing tips for the sports industry to keep fans engaged throughout the entire year.

Let’s be honest, when it comes to sports, there are two games actually happening at once. For instance, you have the game that is actually happening on the field and the one happening on social media. Don’t believe me? Check out social during the next big game.

The ability of marketing sports teams on social media is a leading trend in the industry, and for good reason. In fact, various teams actually have an actual Social Media Manager acting as the quarterback for their “online team”.

Check out these 4 tips on how to succeed in sports marketing.

There is No Off season in Marketing

One of the roughest times for sports fans is the offseason. I mean, it seems like fans have no idea what to do with their lives when their favorite team is not on every week. Which means that there is a perfect opportunity to keep their engagement. Let’s put it this way, there is no offseason in sports marketing. Keep your fans engaged all year with a few creative marketing strategies like below!

  • Show footage of team members invested in charity events
  • Highlight team members birthdays and “this day in history”
  • Give teasers on what the new season will bring
  • Reminisce about top moments in the previous season
  • Interview players talking about how they train
  • Create a promo video to hype up fans on the new season

Up Your Social Media Game

Yes, fans are watching the game on their TV or smart phones, but when there is a commercial break or halftime, everyone logs into social media. If you capture an amazing highlight from the game, this is a great opportunity to get a lot of shares and likes. Not to mention, it also keeps your fans engaged the entire game….plus after! For sports, the main outlets on social media your team should have is Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

  • Twitter: Your digital announcer of everything that happens during the game, giving everyone a play-by-play. You can also retweet from the players and add video highlights!
  • Facebook: Combination of twitter and Instagram highlighting the key points of the games, the schedules, the final score and interactive content.
  • Instagram: Highlight sick graphics that pop and are “scroll-stop” worthy

Invest in Videography

Fans want to know more than how well their favorite player performs during the game. Sure, they can stalk the social media accounts of their favs, but you should be promoting the brands of your players. Actually, you should be promoting your team more than they are promoting themselves. An easy way to do this that will increase engagement with fans is through videography. In fact, 95% of fans prefer video over graphics or written content. You can not only use videos to highlight your players, but also the history of the team as well as the future. I mean, nothing gets rans more hype than a promo video of their team.

A great idea for a video is to set up an interview with a player to give fans an insight to their personal life. Capture them talking about their children and family, how they got their start since or even what charities they are a part of. On the same note, you can also show some recognition to any member of your organization like a coach, athletic trainer, front office personnel, etc. The goal is to give your fans a complete behind the scenes look into what makes your team what it is.

Don’t Forget the Fans

Fans are just as important as the players. I mean, without fans, they wouldn’t have a job. Having fans in the stands cheering on their teams actually makes the players better. Not to mention, adds to the competitive hype. In fact, fans are your biggest word-of-mouth marketing experts. When they are marketing for your team for free, you have to make sure you are giving back to them too. Highlight the fans cheering on the team or interview someone at the big game and hear their game-breakdown. Heck, when someone posts a photo of their pet in team merchandise, share the photos! I mean, the more interactive you are with your fans, the more they will be loyal to your team.

Bottom Line

Marketing is critical in making your team well known throughout the entire year. I mean, the last thing you want is someone to ask “who’s the baseball team in Florida?”. Your team should be engrained in their brain.