Take a second to think about your business… how many employees have been in and out of your doors? If you have employees that have stuck around for years, growing along with your company, chances are your retention is strong. However, if you have a constant flow of employees who are in and out over a short period of time, you need to look into why this is happening. Having employees that are veterans in your company is going to lead to success. Thats less money going towards the hiring and training process and more money in your pocket.

Here are 3 tips on improving employee retention within your business.

Hire Selectively from the Beginning

Hire prospective employees who have experience in the field and meet or go above and beyond expectations. You definitely want to avoid that person whose resume shows they are a job hopper. This employee should want to grow and learn with the goal to stay within your company, not take those skills elsewhere. Personality is important as well and the potential employee should fit in the atmosphere and culture of your company. Will they find the atmosphere too fast paced or too mellow? Will they build connections with coworkers and colleagues? Do they have the qualifications to be successful in the position?

Switch it Up

No one likes to do the same thing over and over, day after day. It gets tedious and boring very quickly. A way to avoid this and keep your employees sharp and engaged every day is providing them opportunities to take on new and challenging tasks. Practicing job enrichment increases motivation and makes the employee feel noticed and appreciated. Tasks that would fall under job enrichment are normally a task someone of a managerial status would perform.

Allowing your employees to take on more responsibilities will show hard work is recognized and advancement is the reward. Provide your employees with opportunities for learning as well. That could be workshops, continuing education, or additional training. This will ensure your employees are up to date on current technology and information, allowing them to better do their jobs.

Company Culture is Key

Today, company culture is just as important to employees as pay and benefits. People want to go into work everyday and enjoy their coworkers and management. Creating a positive culture takes a bit of effort. You need to create a team oriented environment where everyone's voice is heard. Allow for a work life balance to be established by giving flexible scheduling. Your employees should all share the same passion and drive for whatever your business is. Having everyone on the same page, and motivated to complete a common goal is key to company culture as well.

Written by: Kaitlyn Robinson, TEPSBEST Intern