Tepsi Marketing Director, Carolyn, and SEO Specialist & Web Developer, Nate, sit down to chat about how to win social media. Because, let’s face it, if you’re not on social media how are your potential customers finding you?

In general, social media is all about being engaged. Here are 3 ways businesses can win social media marketing.

Interacting with your potential customers

Be engaged with the digital world and actually interact with your current and potential customers. Social media is supposed to be used to be social, not just post your products/services. Go above the post and interact with every comment and every message. To take it even further, search under a particular location or hashtag and like & comment on posts of potential leads.

Use the correct hashtags

Hashtags are like keywords on your website. Utilize strong keywords so you are targeting the right audience. It is important to think about who your ideal customer is and what they would be searching under. For instance, what are their hobbies? Where are they located? What do they find interesting? Using the right hashtags leads to a valuable lead which then turns into a sale.

Be consistent

Without being consistent on all of your social platforms, you are not going to be able to build a fan base. This ties in a lot to building trust with your brand that we discussed in an earlier episode. You want your fans to expect and be excited for your posts, not forget about you because you never post. We recommend posting at least 2 times a day on Facebook and Instagram. However, make sure to make each post count in building your brand!

Do you use social media to market your business or brand? What is the biggest challenge you seem to be facing?