Social media platforms have become saturated with content that isn’t always the best quality. With that, you’ve probably noticed by now that video content has become the top dog in the media and marketing industries. I mean, we are all guilty of scrolling through our feeds and stopping at videos over another photo ad. However, it takes more than just a camera or an iPhone to capture and hold your audiences’ attention.
If you’ve ever planned or filmed a video yourself, you know there’s quite a few details involved before the job is complete. But, if you are a newbie and are just starting out, here are three videography tips that you probably don’t know about… yet.


Filming is where the ideas form into reality. However, before and beyond that step takes the most amount of time. Properly producing video content requires a lot of planning and research. Having a structured storyboard that outlines each frame of the plot will help guide the filming phase from start to finish.
Once you’ve thoroughly filmed all the scenes you will need, you’re ready for post-production. Editing, for the majority of creators, is the most time consuming stage and can easily take double the amount of work and time as the previous phases. If your next project involves a deadline, it would be in your best interest to plan ahead for extra post-production cushion time. You will feel more at ease and have room for feedback and touch ups.


While reading will always be an essential aspect to life, as there is not always an alternate option, videos are the easiest way to digest content. The likelihood of an individual choosing to click play on a video over reading a body of text is continuing to increase. Having a video that can helpfully explain a concept will continue to outweigh the same information presented in written form.


If you’re a one-man-show, having multiple cameras may not be a possibility for you. It is, however, a goal that you might want to strive towards. Having multiple options and angles of the same scene creates the best B-roll. Having B-roll will provide the editor with ample content to work with. When there are multiple options, it can fill in gaps as they are strung together, or elevate the video to a more professional feel.
There is certainly a lot to consider when it comes to creating a quality video. While these are interesting facts, they can also assist you in your future endeavors in the media industry.