We are here today with Tepsi’s Marketing Director, Carolyn Walker, and Videographer, Jenna Hamlet, discussing Graphic Design.

Carolyn is the lead Graphic Designer for Tepsi and has been in the field of design for 8 years. Her passion is illuminating brands and making their visions a reality. Carolyn’s specialty is out-of-the-box print designs where she turns the ordinary to extraordinary. She also enjoys designing custom interactive websites and digital advertisements.

With graduation this weekend, check out her top 2 tips for students entering the field of Graphic Design.

Be Adaptable

When you are coming out of school, you are most likely in your head thinking that your style is always going to be your style. However, when you are working with a brand, you really have to understand their brand story and style. You have to adapt your style to work within theirs. I mean, even if you LOVE a certain font (please stay away from Comic Sans) that font may not be the best for the brand. Working within a company, you are representing the COMPANY’s style, not your own. This takes some adjusting if you haven’t worked with a client before. So, be adaptable!

Be Open to Growth

Even though you think you are the best designer you could be, you can always get better. Constantly challenge yourself and look at the trends. The best designers never stop learning. Be adaptable to growth and never back down from a challenge. Remember, no matter how good you are, you can ALWAYS get better.

PRO TIP: Don’t take criticism to heart. Not everyone is going to like your initial concept 100% of the time. Be open and use criticism to grow and expand your skillset.

Congrats Grads!

Shouting out to all of our amazing interns as they walk across the stage this weekend at East Stroudsburg University. The world is yours, go make your imprint!