TEPSBEST Marketing Director, Carolyn Walker, and Web Developer & SEO Specialist, Nate Lopez, reveal 2 of the most common mistakes of WordPress development.

WordPress is the leading website development tool amongst businesses. When compared with Wix, Weebly or any other drag and drop website creator, WordPress offers businesses a customized approach to their website design. However, if implemented incorrectly, your website could load slow and steer viewers in the opposite direction.

Check out these 2 most common mistakes of WordPress development.

Huge Image Files

Probably the most common mistake is that large images are loaded onto WordPress. This means that the file sizes are too large which means they are not optimized for the web. In fact, many businesses do not know that images should be less than 1MB in size. However, it is pretty common to see images that are 2MB+. Having large images throughout your website will make it load slower. Which, not to mention, steers viewers in the opposite direction. Why? Because in this day and age, consumers will not wait for a website to load, they want the information immediately.


Another common mistake in WordPress development that also makes your website load slower in plug-ins. Sure, plug-ins are great to utilize, however having a million of them is working against you. In fact, some of the plug-ins may not have been developed correctly. Now, you might be asking “why is available then?”. Well, because any developer can add a plug-in to WordPress. Make sure to check the reviews and how many users are using the plug-in before implementing it. Remember, plug-ins effect how fast your website slows, so make sure you have the best!


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