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new #lunch combos now available at tracksidestation • 8 delicious combos to choose from for just $9.99 😋 ...

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because who wouldn’t want to personalize their #schoolsupplies with custom #superhero stickers?! 🦸‍♀️🦸 ...

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join us for a NEW #podcast as we chat about the stigma around the very popular drag and drop #website builder, wix 🎥
check it out by clicking the link in our bio tepsiprint and tapping #tepsitalks and comment below on what topics you want us to cover next! ⚡️

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Let’s face it, no one really has any solid answers on how this school year is going to look. 🏫

But, whether you're choosing to keep your kid(s) home and learn virtually or you're encouraging them to be amongst their friends in the classroom, you can still make the school year exciting.

On this episode of #TepsiTalks, the tepsiprint team shares out-of-the-box printing ideas to bring to the classroom to keep the school year exciting, equipped with a superhero twist! 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️

Learn more by clicking the link in our bio tepsiprint and tapping TEPSI TALKS ⚡️

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who wants in?! tracksidestation is at it again for another month of awesome #coupons going out in the #mail for September 🍔
how do you use #EDDM postcards to market YOUR business??
photographed, designed, printed & mailed in-house by tepsiprint 🦄

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Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, #socialmedia is here to stay. Not only are consumers invested in their phones, but social media is a major influencer in all #marketing strategies
But social media is more than just posting content. You have to be open for communication, engage with your followers and provide value added content — all while building up a consistent #brandidentity
Download pre-made creative posts or work with one of our social media specialists to generate #unique content that captivates your audience by clicking the click in our bio tepsiprint and checking out our NEW online #shop 🔥

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planning a special event? let the thecinderbargrill do the catering, you won’t be disappointed! 😋
designed & printed in-house at tepsiprint

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#TRUTH :: you don't have to spend $500+ on social media advertisements to be successful.

On todays Tepsi Talk, our #creative team dives into #SocialMedia Advertising and reaching future and current customers through a more targeted approach.

Learn more by clicking the link in our bio tepsiprint 🦄

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announce your big day with an elegant touch that makes a lasting impression 💍
our new laser petal fold #wedding invitation is available in a variety of colors and styles to match your #dreamwedding vibes 👰🏽
pictured: #botanical cut in turquoise

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Doing whatever it takes to get the perfect angles and lighting so your photo is more than “just another drink photo” — even during a tornado warning 🌪
Message us at tepsiprint or call 570-476-4000 to schedule your #foodporn photoshoot 📷

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Social media trends are constantly changing, so how are we supposed to keep up with the changes?
Learn how to keep up with the ever-changing trends of Social Media to market your business effectively online by clicking the link in our bio tepsiprint 🦄

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can your #menu withstand the wear and tear of the new #sanitation requirements? get the MOST out of your menus with #waterproof paper that can be cleaned after every touch without messing up the ink 💦
message us at tepsiprint for the deets ⚡️

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let’s face it, no one really knows what this #schoolyear is really going to look like. but whether you choose to enroll your kids in #virtual classes, or encourage them to be in the #school environment, you can still make the school year #FUN 🏫
click the link in our bio tepsiprint to download a #FREE #superhero calendar for the fall school year 🦸‍♀️🦸

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